Beauty and the Beast

Season 2 Episode 3

Ashes, Ashes

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 1988 on CBS



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    • Vincent: Perhaps he knew that even when he first received her letter.
      Catherine: But he came anyway.
      Vincent: He loved her. He had no choice.
      Catherine: Even though he already knew.
      Vincent: One either moves toward love or away from it, Catherine. There is no other direction.

    • Catherine: (speaking of Dmitri) Poor man, to come so far only to have his dreams turned to ashes in his hand. Even if Dimitri had lived, he would have found Anna too late.

    • Eric: Will she be mad at me?
      Father: No.
      Eric: But how am I going to send it to her?
      Father: I think I know a way... Umm... I would like to write a letter to Ellie too... Maybe you could lend me a piece of writing paper?

    • Father: Eric? It's Father. May I come in?... It's all right not to talk if you don't want to... What are you writing?
      Eric: A letter to Ellie.
      Father: A letter?
      Eric: To say I am sorry... because I said I hated her but it wasn't true.
      Father: Then... just say that... I know she will understand.

    • Vincent: They need you, Father. Eric needs you.
      Father: Eric. Ellie was the last family he had in all the world.
      Vincent: No. He has us. But he does not know that now. He ran off. He is all alone with his fear and his grief.

    • Vincent: Ellie loved you very much, Eric, but we cannot always keep our promises no matter how much we try or how much we love.
      Eric: Ellie will. She's different.
      Vincent: Eric... Ellie is gone.
      Eric: You liar! Liar! (he pelts Vincent with his fists)

    • Vincent: I have something very hard to tell you, Eric. No words of mine will make it any easier.
      Eric: Is it about Ellie? Is she better now?
      Vincent: She wanted to get better, to come back to you. She fought with all the strength she had in her. But sometimes, bad things can happen in life and all our courage and all our love cannot change that.
      Eric: Ellie will get better. She promised.

    • Vincent: (sighing) You are remarkable.
      Catherine: (smile in her voice) I hope you were not talking about my singing.
      Vincent: No, I'm not... How much you give to them... to all of us.
      Catherine: To be able to give is what all of you have given to me.

    • Vincent: I watched you a moment ago with Ellie.
      Catherine: My mother used to sing me that song. I have not heard it since. I think she must have made it up.

    • Father: Dmitri is dead.
      Catherine: Vincent?
      Father: He's all right. He appears to be immune, thank God.

    • Father: Catherine, you should not have come here.
      Catherine: How could I stay away?
      Father: Pneumonic plague is the most contagious form of this disease. The risk is...
      Catherine: It's mine to take.

    • Catherine: One thing I learned from Vincent - nothing is impossible!

    • Catherine: (waiting for help) Peter!
      Peter: Cathy! What on earth are you doing here?
      Catherine: Message to meet a helper.
      Peter: You! No wonder you have been so secretive this past year.
      Catherine: How long have you been involved?
      Peter: Since the beginning... Jacob and I went to medical school together.

    • Dmitri: It is Russian to be like babies to say goodbye.

    • (Dmitri has a coughing fit)
      Vincent: Perhaps, we should go back.
      Dmitri: I must go on.
      Vincent: Are you strong enough?
      Dmitri: For Anna, very strong... You, Vincent, understand me best of all. Yes? Little bit of Russian in you, too.

    • Dmitri: It is difficult leaving. It's - how you English writer say?
      Vincent: Shakespeare?
      Dmitri: Yeah.
      Vincent: 'Parting is such sweet sorrow.'
      Dmitri: Yes, it's that, sweet and sad. He was a little bit Russian I think.

    • Father: Tell me, Dmitri, do you play chess?
      Dmitri: You say because I Russian. (Father chuckles) And you?
      Father: A little.

    • Vincent: (to Catherine) If only you could hear the love in his voice when he speaks of her. He has crossed half the world, risked the life, left everything and everyone behind him... all for Anna.

    • Dmitri: Can you understand loving so much someone?

    • Peter: The first time that I met Cathy, she was stark naked.
      Catherine: You might also mention that I was upside down and screaming at the top of my lungs.
      Peter: (chuckles) And ruin a good story?

    • Vincent: Sometimes bad things happen in life and all our courage, and all our love can't change them. And then all we can do is cry for those we've lost and remember them always in our hearts, and go on.

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  • Allusions

    • The title "Ashes, Ashes" is also a line from a popular children's rhyme:

      Ring a round a rosie,
      Pocket full of posey,
      Ashes, Ashes,
      We all fall down.

    • Catherine's lullabye that her mother used to sing to her that she now sings to a dying Ellie:

      Sleep my pretty one. Rest now my pretty one.
      Close your eyes the day is nearly done.
      Rest your heart, tomorrow will surely come.
      Sleep my pretty one. Rest now my pretty one.
      Close your eyes the day is nearly done...

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