Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 6

Beast Within

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 1987 on CBS
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Mitch Denton, a man who grew up in the tunnels and was a childhood friend of Vincent, returns to New York and becomes the center of an ongoing investigation that Catherine is working on. This leads to a near fatal confrontation, when Mitch shoots Catherine.

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  • Mitch Denton: Former childhood friend vs. traitor.

    Didn't really like this episode all that much except for the first chance of seeing Catherine in the most mortal danger so far and seeing how Vincent reacts to it. Mitch Denton was really just a coward and the impression I got was if Catherine had died Vincent would have killed him. Don't know if I like the fact that Vincent would kill a former friend for killing Catherine. At this time he has known Mitch a lot longer than Catherine and I know he was a traitor and needed to be scarred out of his wits for all the evil he had done but I don't like the fact Vincent might have killed him. I mean Vincent wasn't even the one that killed Gabriel who in my opinion deserve it much more than Mitch and whom I wouldn't have minded at all if he had. Does that make me fickle? Maybe so. :omoreless
Asher Brauner

Asher Brauner

Mitch Denton

Guest Star

John McLiam

John McLiam

Sam Denton

Guest Star

Mike Pniewski

Mike Pniewski

Frank De Corsia

Guest Star

Bill Marcus

Bill Marcus

D.A. Moreno

Recurring Role

Cory Danziger

Cory Danziger


Recurring Role

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    • Catherine: It's so peaceful and quiet out there tonight.
      Vincent: But there's a storm raging within you.
      Catherine: You felt it?
      Vincent: I can almost hear it. What you're feeling is...alive...thundering.
      Catherine: I've been given the chance to do something impotant at work. It's a great challenge, a risk.
      Vincent: Is it a risk worth taking?

    • Vincent: (to Mitch) What I remember is our friendship as children... Those times I remember.

    • Frank: (talking about the docks) They say this place breaks the backs of its workers and harbors the scum of the world. And that's all true. But I love it, stink and all.

    • Sam: Don't care so much, Vincent, not about people. People always let you down.
      Vincent: You never let us down, Sam. When we needed supplies, or food, you were always there for us. We'll be here for you.

    • Sam: Mitch is poison... Nothing is going to change that.

    • Catherine: Vincent?
      Vincent: Shh...
      Catherine: You're here?
      Vincent: I'm here.
      Catherine: I dreamed about you.
      Vincent: About me?
      Catherine: Yes...We were walking down Fifth Avenue... the sky was blue...
      Vincent: And then?
      Catherine: You bought me ice cream...and no one looked twice.

    • Vincent: (to Mitch) There is nothing left of you... nothing.

    • Mitch: (to his partner) You idiot! You don't know what we unleashed... When he comes you will know who he is!

    • Vincent: Don't die, Catherine. If you die... so do I.

    • Vincent: Catherine?
      Catherine: Vincent, a good man was murdered tonight.
      Vincent: Death almost took you. I felt it.
      Catherine: It came close.
      Vincent: Catherine, you are in grave danger.
      Catherine: I know.
      Vincent: Go no further with this.
      Catherine: What? What are you saying?
      Vincent: Stop. You must.
      Catherine: I can't. I have to see this through.
      Vincent: If I ever lost you...
      Catherine: Vincent, you're the one that taught me to face my fear, and to find courage. I can't pull back now-it would compromise everything-me, the case, even what you think of me. I have a chance to bring down the men responsible for all of this. I have to.
      Vincent: A life without you...would be unbearable...Take great care.

    • Catherine: A chance to help honest men keep their jobs. A chance to make a difference. It's everything I wanted... but I'm afraid.
      Vincent: Of what, Catherine?
      Catherine: Failure...The danger.
      Vincent: You can't fail.
      Catherine: I hope not.
      Vincent: You have the strength. You have the courage. We both know that. So you must use them... I only wish I could be there for you. Keep you safe... Always.
      Catherine: You are.

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