Beauty and the Beast

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 1989 on CBS

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  • An episode I can call interresting,even though there are some details I didn't like that is to say the face of the elephant man.It was very much ugly but in the same time that face is absolutely essential to what's essential in the episode.

    In this episode Devin who appeared in one episode during the first season of the show comes back to the underground world of tunnels with a friend of him.And this friend is a guy whose face is disfigured by a desease called the elephant man syndrome which makes it awful.Devin met this friend in a circus where he had worked during a certain time.And the owner and boss of that circus was the brother of Devins's friend Charles.The introduction of Charles in the underground tunnels world is the occasion to see all the potential of humanity which is in Vincent's soul and heart.He is the only one certainly who understands really what Charles feels inside of him-self because he feels so him-self.I appreciated a lot to admire that potential of humanity from Vincent.Besides,I appreciated also a particular scene when Cathy used her self-defense tricks to lift Devin above her head and she slammed him on the ground.That was because Cathy was in the building of her lodging and she has recognized Devin yet at that moment.
  • A rather touching episode...

    This is one of the episodes that is among my favorites for this series. True, it does not revolve around the love story that the women viewers just want to see only, but in fact, this one speaks soundly of Vincent's philanthropic and therapeutic concern for another who is an outcast as well due to his appearance.

    Charles' rather severe physical deformities may leave the more estrogen loaded viewers' delicate sensitives offended, but I found it endearing, and indeed moving in how he has learned to accept his appearance, and thus accept his self and begin to really live.

    I have a large admiration for Vincent's solid feeling ethic and his strong noble interior. As a vehement protector of what is dear and just in his world, this episode demonstrates how words can heal as well as harm. Shame on the viewers that love Vincent but dislike the episodes that deal with him actually USING his noble nature and humanity that they think they admire him for. The series was about WAY more than the 'love story' plot angles.