Beauty and the Beast

Season 2 Episode 4

Dead of Winter

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 09, 1988 on CBS

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  • First of all,I have to say that I don't like very much all B&B episodes which includes Paracelcus.I really don't like the character.And I don't like very much neither all episodes like this one whose action occurs only in the underground world.Too dark.

    In this episode,all the helpers from above are invited to the celebration of WINTER by the people in the tunnels.So all the Helpers from above includes of course Catherine.But that could have been an happy day of celebration will become a kind of nightmare because the evil Paracelcus will take this opportunity to get his revenge against the community of the tunnels and particulary against Jacob Father Wells who exhiled him out of it.Paracelcus will take an other appearance than his own one in order to pass for a guest among all others.But fortunately,the vigilance of Cathy,Vincent and Father will allow to unmask the evil one and save the celebration and avoid a terrible disaster.
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