Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 17

Down to a Sunless Sea

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 1988 on CBS
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Catherine's ex-fiance, Steven Bass, resurfaces and becomes friendly with Catherine again and appears to have alterior motives. As, she allows him back into her life despite their rocky past, Vincent begins having dreams of disaster connected to Catherine and her rekindled relationship.

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  • Run-of-mill Vincent rescue of Catherine...or was it?:O

    Okay, this episode was one of the creepier ones. We are introduced to a former lover of Catherine's who seems to have never gotten over her. He goes so far as to tell her he has cancer in trying to win her over! The guy is just a nutcase and how desperate Catherine must have been to through herself out a closed sliding glass door just to get away from! That part just felt a little off to me. Upon first watching it does seem like just another reason for Vincent to be his usual knight in shinning armor. Little did any of us know that this story would resurface near the end of Series 2! More important than we thought right! :omoreless
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Marla Adams

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Christine Jansen

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    • Vincent: Have you seen him?
      Catherine: They wouldn't let me...Don't be ashamed, Vincent. You only did what you had to do.
      Vincent: I know that.
      Catherine: I was the one who was unfair. i just thought that you were feeling betrayed. I forgot for a moment how much you trust me. I should have trusted you...How did you know?
      Vincent: I knew because...somehow, somewhere deep inside, you-you must have known.

    • Catherine: And I am supposed to take that fear up into the world and live with it? Tonight when I see Steven?
      Vincent: Don't go.
      Catherine: He is my friend, Vincent, and I care about him. He's dying, and at the very least I owe him my trust.
      Vincent: Catherine...
      Catherine: He's dying, Vincent. And I'm all he has!

    • Catherine: What do you expect me to do? I've told you just what I'm thinking. You already feel everything I feel! And now you say I'm in danger, only you can't tell me from whom, or why?
      Vincent: Because I don't know myself.
      Catherine: Is this fair of you? You know I value your words above all others!
      Vincent: Catherine, I fear for you.

    • Catherine: I don't understand.
      Vincent: I am not certain myself. I have nothing more than a feeling. An image that evaporates whenever I try to touch it.
      Catherine: Are you sure this even has anything to do with me?
      Vincent: You provoke the image. The thought of you...even your name, brings it to my eyes.

    • Father: I can understand that...This man is someone with whom Catherine shared the dreams of a lifetime. A life, unfortunately, that you and she could never have.
      Vincent: It does not explain the vision...the threat.
      Father: The threat to her...or the threat to you, Vincent?

    • Father: Well, Vincent, remember the last time that a man came into her life.
      Vincent: Please, Father, these feelings are real.
      Father: I am not disputing the feelings themselves, only the source of the feelings.
      Vincent: You think I am the source?

    • Vincent: It's irrational...I cannot explain it.
      Father: Then why don't you try, Vincent?
      Vincent: A powerful image, a foreboding...every time I think of her.
      Father: A foreboding? You mean some manifestation of the empathy you share?
      Vincent: No. This is different.

    • Catherine: There was such fear on your face...I've never seen that before.
      Vincent: Are you afraid, Catherine?
      Catherine: Of what?
      Vincent: This man coming back into your life?
      Catherine: Is that what you are sensing?
      Vincent: Perhaps.
      Catherine: I don't think afraid is the right word...Curious, maybe...about the road not taken. What my life would have held...and guilty, because I knew I hurt him.

    • Catherine: I don't really know what I am feeling.
      Vincent: Did you love this man once?
      Catherine: nce. And I still feel an obligation for him. I don't know why. Maybe because of his illness...maybe because of the intimacy we once had. We were happy for awhile...Life seemed so simple then...

    • Steven: Where did you get that? (looks at Catherine's scar)
      Catherine: Hm...Long story.
      Steven: Do you know I actually think scars are beautiful? They are rather like a road map to a person's past. Proof that the worst wounds heal...I have scars too, you just can't see them.

    • Steven: Maybe it's better to forget and smile, than to remember and be sad.

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    • This is poetry that was used in this episode: "Kubla Khan"
      In Xanadu did Kubla Khan A stately pleasure-some decree:
      Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
      Through caverns measureless to man
      Down to a sunless sea.
      So twice five miles of fertile ground
      With walls and towers were girdled round:
      And there were gardens bright with sinuous rills,
      Where blossomed many an incense-bearing tree;
      And here were forests ancient as the hills,..."
      - Samuel Taylor Coleridge