Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 1988 on CBS
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While exploring a secluded section of the tunnels, Mouse uncovers a treasure ship that had sunk centuries prior. This quickly throws the Tunnel dwellers in an uproar as greedy Cullen demands his fair share. Meanwhile, Mouse's gift to Catherine of a golden necklace catches the eye of an unscrupulous antiques dealer.


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  • Another one that features Mouse and tunnel dweller Cullen's deterioration.

    Another one of my favorites from Season 1! More, more, and much more of Mouse which is always good in my book! Great way of introducing the tunnel dweller Cullen in showing the contrasting dueling parts of his soul. A good way to show what greed can do to a person and that this sin can even reach the people of the tunnels. We first see Cullin as a kind, and generous person making new chess pieces for Father. Then his deterioration after the discovery of the treasure which only serves to infect the rest of the community as well. Sad to see it took the near death of our beloved Mouse for Cullin and the others to open their eyes.:(moreless
  • Mouse finds a buried sunken ship in the tunnels. This prompts Cullen to steal the bulk of the gold for himself.

    While this series has been available on DVD, I watched a whole marathon on Chiller. This series had interesting episodes. "Fever" is perhaps one of the best episodes this series had. It poses the societal problem of greed.

    The underground dwellers up to this point have accustomed themselves to survive on what they have but when the opportunity comes for them to better themselves with all the treasures they could ever want, trouble arises.

    Cullen played by decent actor David Clennon really steals this episode playing the outcast who wants to horde for himself. However, there is the usual great acting by everyone else in this series including Linda Hamilton, James Avery and Ron Perlman.

    Linda's character said greed was a problem in her world but greed is common in every world. She also makes the mistakes of meeting a greedy businessman who she makes the mistakes of showing of her new gol necklace (which comes from the gold collection Mouse found).

    It was a great episode minus the ending which was unrealistic. However, a must see episode nonetheless.moreless
David Clennon

David Clennon


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Stan Ivar

Stan Ivar

Jonathan Thorpe

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James Avery (I)

James Avery (I)


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Ellen Geer

Ellen Geer


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Terri Hanauer

Terri Hanauer

Jenny Aronson

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Irina Irvine

Irina Irvine


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    • Catherine: I wonder what they must think?
      Vincent: That it was a miracle...

    • Vincent: We can't do this. If we throw the treasure into the Abyss, we admit defeat. It has beaten us...There may be no place for it in our world, but there are others in the world Above who go hungry and homeless. Although, we live apart from them, we cannot deny that we are all a part of each other and this city. We cannot turn our backs while there is a chance to help. We cannot turn our backs.

    • Catherine: It is a disease from my world. It is called 'Greed.'

    • Vincent: (to Cullen) Listen to Father.
      Cullen: What are you going to do if I don't? Kill me?!

    • Mouse: (gives gift to Catherine) You give. I give... Have to go now... Help Father... He's lost without Mouse.

    • Vincent: Catherine, your gifts brought much joy today.
      Catherine: I wish I could do more. There's so many things I wish I could give you.
      Vincent: But you give of yourself-your generosity, friendship- to all of us. There is no more than that.
      Catherine: You know what I mean.
      Vincent: Well, with what our friends bring to us and what the world Above casts aside, we have everything we need.

    • Mouse: Time? Easy! Early- come before Mouse. Late- come after.

    • Catherine: (rummaging in a box) Just a few odds and ends from around the house.
      Vincent: (chuckles, pulling item from box) You should...learn to remove the price tag from your 'odds and ends.'
      Catherine: (holding up sweater to Father) My father bought this when he took up sking, and put it in the drawer after one trip down the slopes. What do you think?
      Cullen: It's him... Father, that is definitely you.
      Father: The sweater? Yes, well, it's just what I need for when I...go skiing.

    • Cullen: (to Jamie) And the white king is gonna be-guess who? Father! You know, leaning on his stick, books under his arm... He'll fuss and fume, but secretly, he's gonna love it.

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