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2009 US Beauty and the Beast Convention

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    The US Beauty and the Beast convention will be held on July 10 - 12 in New Orleans.

    Here's the URL for the convention website.

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    My name is Ildira Peterson, I truly enjoyed watching Beauty and the Beast-TV Series when it first aired back in September 1985. This was a show that brought you out of the struggles, and problems of everydays life. Unfortunately I was disappointed when I found out that in Season 3 Catherine Chandler died. In my most honest opinion I can't get enough out of watching my 3 DVD Collection of Beauty and the Beast.

    As per my opinion with Season 3, I really enjoyed this season. Unfortunately, my heart was broken to the fact that Vincent lost his one True Love. I believe the producer, writers, choreographers, and everyone else could have ended this series in a True Magical way. I know Linda Hamilton had to leave the show due to her own personal family problems, but the show should have ended in a True Classical Fairytale like Beauty and the Beast the Cartoon.

    I feel that the struggle Vincent went through in trying to maintain a relationship of Love with Catherine was wonderful. What they shared was True Love no one can't get now without being interested in money, and material things. This was a relationship that came out of True Love without looking at the disabilities Vincent had or where he came from, and where Catherine lived in a wealthy life, and not happy.

    They both managed to bring to the TV screen that Love can conquer all besides of all differences, and where they come from. I don't agree with the fact that Season 3 answered all our questions to the best of the TV Series knowledge.

    If you look at Though Lovers Be Lost Part I, and II: Gabriel never explains why he wanted Vincent, and Catherine's child so badly. He also, never explains why the ring he wore was important to Vincent, to reclaim his throne? Why did Gabriel say every 500 to 600 year's a new descendant has to be found?, What did Gabriel mean when he was speaking to Mr. Pope in regards to whether he told a lie to Vincent about the woman being dead? Was it true she was dead, or should he just let Vincent find out on his own? Since he does not know the strength of his own immortality?, What did it say in the note that Father received from Peter, once he took Catherine's body to the morgue? They never let us know what it says, plus why did Father put away some letters he had on his desk when Vincent came in to his Chamber to speak to Father about finding Catherine? These are questions that have not been answered. There are hidden agendas, comments, and scenes that don't make sense at all in Season 3.

    We need the writers, producers, choreographers, and actors of this beautiful Love Story to come back together, and give us the True Magical Love Story we desperately deserve. I don't accept the fact that Vincent had to lose his One True Love, after all struggles Catherine, and Vincent went through to finally have their child. It was not fair to take away the mother of his one true love at the end. I beg the Writer, Producer, Choreographers, Actors, Actressess, Ron Pearlman, Linda Hamilton, Jay Acovone, Roy Dotrice, Allain Shimmerman, to have a heart and bring us a True Love Story ending to this TV Series. It was not fair for Vincent to be alone with his son Jacob after all the struggle he went through, with his own inner demons, and his Pure Love for Catherine.

    Please bring to the Fans of Beauty and the Beast - TV Series the True Magical Love Story we so desperately deserve. I don't accept the fact that you gave Diana Bennett the part of her having anything to do with Vincent, and Jacob at the end. I hope you can use her as an Angel who will help Vincent, find his long lost love Catherine at the end and bring her home to his side, and child.

    Please help make this dream come true to all the True Love Fans of Beauty and the Beast - TV Series. Thank you for listening, with all my Love for Vincent, Catherine, and The Community, Ildira Peterson, The Bronx, NY, not so far from the community sites in Central Park, NY. Please help my dream come to life. I want Vincent, Catherine, Baby Jacob, Father, Mouse, Joe, and all the rest of the Community to end Beauty and the Beast - TV Series the way it should be a Magical Experience of Love. Please help Catherine reunite with her one True Love Vincent, and her child Baby Jacob. Also, please help to explain the reason of the golden rings.

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    Well,I was sad when they killed off Catherine,but,I still loved the show!I think they could've done something with Vincent and Diana!They should'nt have just ended the show!I also wanted to see how Vincent dealt with fatherhood.That would have been very interresting!
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