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    In the episode "Snow" Gabriel's hired killer goes after Vincent in the Tunnels blowing out the sliding door to enter Below. In several other episode's after this the door is still broken. (Jamie comes through it to give Father Catherine's gun....Father goes up Above to be with Jessica, Diana comes to it, ..Etc.) The world Below is supposed to be kept a secret! Why was the door never repaired and left open for intruders to enter?
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    It's funny you should bring this up. I mentioned this to someone else on this board over two months ago, and she hadn't noticed it. They never did explain it. As I told her, they were so quick to seal up the entrance to the tunnels under Catherine's building, but they left that one wide open, one that would, i would think, be in far more danger of being found, since it opened right into Central Park, but... probably by then they knew the show was going to be canceled and didn't bother paying attention to small details...
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