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Why Beauty and the Beast **** after season 3!

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    I know there are some here that somehow think season 3 was a decent season. I really don't see how they can say that after watching seasons 1 and 2 with Linda Hamilton and THEN watching the absolutely HORRIBLE storyline it took by killing off a main character in season 3. Not to mention the chemistry lost between Linda Hamilton and Ron Pearlman that made the first two seasons great.

    The character they had at the end in season 3, had absolutely NO chemistry between Vincent and herself, she just came off as a stupidly tacked on version of a Catherine wannabe!

    When will writers, producers and directors in TV learn that when you KILL OFF a main character in a series, you tend to make enemies out of (what once was) your loyal viewers? You are better off just to end the show than to continue to write such TRIPE as this show had at the end.

    I understand about Linda Hamilton having problems and wanting out. But they COULD have ended the show very differently in a positive way, rather than the stupid "killking off a main character, but getting a wannabe to take her place" ending they tacked on season 3.

    They COULD have had Catherine and Vincent move to the mountains. At least then it would have had a decent ending. Any number of ways they wrote about could have kept them together. But no, they decided to try to "milk it" for all it was worth and come up with some idiotic nonsense about a baby of Vincents and had Catherine killed off and some idiot that had no sense of what was going on in the show take Linda Hamiltons place!

    This is not the only time a TV series has killed off a main character and kept on trying to contiunue with a show. Airwolf is one that comes to mind where Jan Michael Vincent playing a Helicopter pilot and Earnest Borgnine playing his sidekick were suddenly "wrote out" of the show after Jan Michael Vincents alcohol problem became out of control. But did they just end the series? NO. They stupidly wrote in a "team airwolf" that had nothing to do with the original character in season 4 ....just because they wanted to squeeze a fourth season out of the show!

    But ask most Airwolf fans, like most Beauty and the Beast fans, and most do not consider the last season of either show a part of the series! Why? Because they messed it up so badly!

    The original Battlestar Galactica was another one thy messed up. The original Battlestar Galactica went for two seasons in the 70's, but yet they tried to revive it in 1980 and even called it "Battlestar Galactica 1980"(At LEAST they had another name for it)....except they forgot one thing, the fans were not stupid! They wrote out all of the original cast EXCEPT Lonne Green (Who still played commander Adama) and then gave absolutely no explination as to how Galactica found its way to earth, nor did they explain the dissaperance of the entire cast! They somehow expected the fans to just "accept" what they wrote without any complaints.

    But they were wrong! Today that is just a great as division in Battlestar Galactica boards as season 3 of this series is.

    Why can't the people who make popular TV shows realize that when you end a series very badly, people remember it ending badly? Beauty and the Beast would have been better off just ending with NO main character dying than to pull what they pulled and alienate over half their audience!

    Just my opinion, but I am sticking to it.

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    I understand your point although I disagree.........

    1. Diana (Jo Anderson) was a wannabe to replace Catherine? I'm pretty sure Jo Anderson (Diana) went in knowing full well that fans would not warm up to the character. I think she did a great job considering the circumstances. Diana was gifted, smart, tough, and caring and was often misunderstood unlike Catherine who came from a well to do family but could not find happiness in her life until Vincent.

    Vincent came full circle with the world above.......he met Catherine when he saved her life and met Diana when she saved his. To me this was a great way to show that there are people in the world above that are accepting. I often wonder if Catherine had met Vincent in by chance would she have been accepting?

    2. If the series had ended with a "Happy ending" it would have been forgotten. Don't get me wrong, I would have liked to see it end differently. However, to this day people are still talking about it no matter how bad the ending was.

    3. For those fans that refuse to watch, discuss, or post their views of the third is, what it is, get over it!!

    That's my story and I'm sticking with it

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