Beauty and the Beast

Season 2 Episode 5

God Bless the Child

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 1988 on CBS



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    • Catherine: It's Vincent?
      Lena: I love him.
      Catherine: I know. So do I.

    • Catherine: (to Lena) Do you remember what you told me that first night? About being outside, that cold feeling. You can hide out there if you want, but you have a place on the inside now... with friends, people that care about you. It's your choice.If you want me to leave just say so.
      Lena: Leave.
      Catherine: If you ever want to talk to someone, I'm there.
      Lena: Please, don't leave.

    • Lena: What do you want?
      Catherine: I came to see how you were.
      Lena: Nothing you say is gonna make me go back there.
      Catherine: You're your own person, Lena. I can't force you. But, your baby's down there.
      Lena: She belongs there.
      Catherine: So do you.
      Lena: I hate it there. It doesn't matter. It's not a real place to me anymore.

    • Catherine: I'm sorry, Vincent. I'm sorry for what's happened.
      Vincent: I fear for what is still happening. For Lena.
      Catherine: I know. I'll try to find her.

    • Catherine: Her need was too great.
      Vincent: Perhaps, I should have come to you sooner.
      Catherine: I understand why you didn't.
      Vincent: There was no gentle way to refuse her love.

    • Catherine: Lena wasn't ready. I didn't see that.
      Vincent: No, it was that didn't see, or did not want to see.
      Catherine: That she would leave?
      Vincent: That she would fall in love. She was so vulnerable, so frightened. Yet, I saw a part of myself in her. I thought that if I just reached out to her, she would accept my friendship.

    • Vincent: (to Catherine) She's gone. She fled in the night. Her child... She left her child behind. Mary is watching over her.

    • Vincent: Lena.
      Lena: Don't be afraid. I want to stay with you tonight. Please Vincent. For the first time it means something to me. Don't send me away again.
      Vincent: Lena, you must go.

    • Vincent: Father, when Lena came to me...there was a moment, a pull, beyond thought... when I felt what it might be like... to be someone else's possibility... but it was just a moment.

    • Vincent: Lena, you don't understand. Her love opened the world for me.
      Lena: What do you think you've done for me? Don't you see? I've never loved anybody before.

    • Lena: But she's not here. Why isn't she here?
      Vincent: She is where she needs to be. I can't expect...
      Lena: But if if she's not here, how can she love you?

    • Lena: Do you love her?
      Vincent: With all that I am. With all that I can ever become.

    • Lena: I can feel your heart.
      Vincent: I will always cherish the moment we first met. How you saw me, how you accepted me.
      Lena: You did the same for me.
      Vincent: I know. But, what you ask now isn't possible.
      Lena: Why?
      Vincent: Because my heart is bound to another.
      Lena: Catherine?
      Vincent: Yes.

    • Lena: Vincent, when we first met, do you remember how we talked about feeling alone?
      Vincent: I remember.
      Lena: I've been thinking. It doesn't have to be that way, not anymore. All these things keep... coming back into my head. Everything we've talked about... things I never talked to anybody about before. And I keep thinking how when the baby came. How you were there, close to me... close to her... Let me love you, Vincent.
      Vincent: Oh, Lena.

    • Catherine: Tell me something Vincent, before I must go.
      Vincent: What should I tell you?
      Catherine: Tell me... how it felt... to hold a baby in your arms.
      Vincent: There are no words.

    • Father: (on naming Lena's baby) Imogen.
      Vincent: Please, Father! Imogen?!
      Father: What's wrong with Imogen?
      Vincent: Well, for one thing it's hard to pronounce.
      Father: Well, it was good enough for Shakespeare!
      Vincent: Well, if it's Shakespeare you're set on, then why not Juliet or Mariah?
      Catherine: What's going on?
      Father: Oh, we were, uh, discussing possible names for the child.
      Vincent: After every birth the child is welcomed into the community with a Naming Ceremony.
      Catherine: Don't you think Lena should have a say in it?
      Father: Of course-- by all means... We were just, er... speculating.
      Catherine: I see.

    • Mary: (as Lena goes into labor) How do you feel?
      Lena: Like I'm going to explode.

    • Vincent: (to Lena) Sometimes, if you let your mind go you can accept things you would never have thought possible.

    • Vincent: Don't punish yourself for feeling alone, Lena.
      Lena: I'm trying not to feel that way anymore.
      Vincent: Good.
      Lena: It's hard. It's all I'm used to. But I never would have dreamed that there was a place like this. Or anyone like you.

    • Lena: I've been hearing about you. It's almost like you don't exist. You're never around.
      Vincent: There are reasons.
      Lena: What reasons?
      Vincent: We didn't want to frighten you. (Vincent rises and turns away)
      Lena: I want to see you.
      Vincent: Lena, don't be afraid.
      Lena: (after she sees Vincent's face) I'm not afraid.

    • Lena: I heard Father talking back there...about Vincent.
      Mary: What did you hear?
      Lena: Not much. Just that he's different from everybody else.
      Mary: Vincent is very special to us. In some ways it's his fate, his life that holds us all together. He protects us and we protect him.
      Lena: Will I ever get to meet him?
      Mary: You'll meet him.

    • Father: Don't be frightened... You spoke your heart... I'd like to welcome you.

    • Catherine: It's all right. Just tell him what you are feeling.
      Lena: What I'm feeling... I'm feeling you got no reason to trust me, and I should just save you the trouble and walk out of here myself. (Looking at her belly) But I can't. I got someone else to think about now, and it's not fair that this baby should have to suffer just cause it was unlucky enough to get stuck inside of me instead of someone else. You give my baby a chance for something better and I won't mess it up!

    • Father: Good. Now, I'm going to ask you a difficult question. Ordinarily there is a process by which people come to live with us. It's a slow and gradual process. Our friends Above, like Catherine, act as our eyes and ears, judging need, trustworthiness... Sometimes, as with you, we are forced to make exceptions. But we must ask ourselves, why should we risk everything we've worked so hard to create? Why should we trust you?

    • Catherine: Each of us is also responsible for keeping this place safe from those who wouldn't understand.
      Lena: I can keep a secret.
      Father: Whatever may happen?
      Lena: Whatever happens.

    • Father: What has Catherine told you about where we live?
      Lena: She told me that it was a secret place where people lived together and take care of each other. I thought she was making it up.
      Father: No, she wasn't making it up. We have made a life together down here. We've built a home, and yes, we do try to take care of each other.

    • Catherine: I am afraid to think what might happen to her, Vincent, if she's left alone. She's so far away from herself. I broke every rule by going to see her.
      Vincent: Perhaps Father could break a few rules of his own.

    • Catherine: I've talked to a dozen social workers and a dozen shelters, but I don't think- I know she won't respond. She doesn't have the strength anymore... or the hope.
      Vincent: Then she has lost her way.

    • Catherine: (about Lena) She's dying, Vincent. The streets are killing her and she's fighting to hold onto her spirit... and she's carrying a child. She told me that she would rather see the baby die, than bring another life into this world!
      Vincent: How can it be, that this world could have no more to offer her?

    • Vincent: So many come into your life, Catherine. This one must have truly touched you.

    • Lena: Things don't change... not on the street. You look into the houses and you can see what's inside. You see the lights, the Christmas tree, people talking and laughing... and, you get this cold feeling on the outside, like, you're never going to be the one who's in there.

    • Catherine: Lena.
      Lena: It's gonna grow up to be just like me. When I think of that...
      Catherine: Your baby is about what can be, not about what is. If you don't believe that then nobody will.

    • Lena: I did what I had to do.
      Catherine: You don't know who the father is?
      Lena: (shaking her head) No.
      Catherine: That's okay.
      Lena: Then why does it feel so bad?

    • Father: It has been said that the child is the meaning of this life. Today, we celebrate the child, this new life that has been brought into our world. We welcome the child with love, that she may be able to love. We welcome the child with gifts, that she may learn generosity. And we welcome the child with a name upon which I believe Lena has decided.
      Lena: Her name is Catherine.

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