Beauty and the Beast

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 1990 on CBS



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    • Father: Finally we honor the child with a name.
      Vincent: I've named my son Jacob.

    • Gabriel: In the end I always win.
      Diana: Not this time, Gabriel. (She points her gun at him) This is Catherine Chandler's gun. She shoots and kills him)

    • Diana: Vincent! Your child is crying. There's not a lot of time. Please just hurry. Under the building. Father's waiting.

    • Gabriel: Catherine begged for mercy at the end, too.

    • Gabriel: Look at him Vincent. Isn't he beautiful? Catherine saw he was beautiful, too. I let her hold him just as long as I could. I'm sorry about Catherine. She must have been a very special person.

    • Gabriel: I know how to be merciful.

    • Gabriel: Julian needs both of us.
      Vincent: My son needs nothing from you. You have nothing to give.

    • Vincent: Hour by hour, minute by minute, our bond grows stronger. There's nothing you can do to stop it.
      Gabriel: Your death will stop it.
      Vincent: Death shall have no dominion.
      Gabriel: Tell that to Catherine Chandler.
      Vincent: She knew. Even at the end she knew.

    • Gabriel: I thought you might want to know...
      Vincent: My son is recovering. I can feel him.

    • Gabriel: If my son dies...
      Doctor: He's getting stronger. I can't find any explanation. The boy's fever is breaking. He's taking some formula. Maybe the illness has run it's course... or perhaps it could be some sort of spontaneous remission.
      Gabriel: No. (Pointing at the screen where Vincent is shown) It's him.

    • Gabriel: I want the child. The doctor needs another blood sample. You resist, they'll fire, but not at you. Do we understand each other?

    • Gabriel: My son will be one of them.
      Vincent: Gabriel, you have no son.

  • Notes

    • Vincent's son is named Jacob at the conclusion.

    • Diana is apparently becoming a member of the Tunnel World.

    • This episode is part of "the Arc".

    • The naming ceremony for baby Jacob was excerpted and reedited from "The Reckoning" and inserted at the end of this episode because CBS had canceled Beauty and the Beast and the last two episodes were not going to be shown but CBS changed its mind and brought back in June 1990 beginning with repeats from previous seasons ending with the remaining 3 episodes.

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