Beauty and the Beast

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 1989 on CBS

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  • Dungeons and Dragons Fans will Like this One

    A young teen, Brian, is playing "Dungeons and Dragons" in his bedroom with two buddies. One of the characters is Lady Catherine. The game ends when Brian's father announces over the intercom that it's time for dinner. Turns out this young man lives in the same building as Catherine. Brian sits in the lobby and discreetly hides behind a newspaper in hopes of seeing her. Catherine is aware of her admirer and greets Brian before entering the elevator. Brian's parents are divorced and he has a tense relationship with his dad who would rather not have custody of him and doesn't try to hide it. Vincent calls on Catherine that night, the children request her presence at a music recital they're giving. Brian just happens to see Cathy; all dressed up, and follows her to the basement ultimately discovering the tunnels and the world below. Mouse is the first Tunnel dweller he meets. Vincent is next who tells Brian not to be afraid just as Catherine and Father enter the scene. A council is held and the decision made to trust Brian with their secret. In a montage with background music, various tunnel community members: new faces we've only recently met such as Brooke and William as well as old, familiar ones such as Mary, Pascal, Father and finally Vincent all share their feelings about how much this world they've created means to them. Brian promises to keep their secret but his father lays into him as soon as he gets home and Brian runs back to the safety of the Tunnel world where Mouse and Vincent convince him he must stay strong, try to understand and forgive his father and continue to keep their secret. Vincent's mentoring influence ultimately persuades Brian to return. As emergency workers are preparing to search the tunnels and risk exposing the community, Brian comes stumbling out, is embraced by his emotional father and they are reconciled. Episode ends with Brian making Vincent a new character in D&D.