Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 1987 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: During the scene where Father and Vincent talk about the Halloween stories, Vincent tells Father not to worry and then we see Ron's hand (not Vincent's!) on Father's shoulder.

  • Quotes

    • Vincent: I've lived here all my life, and yet it's as though I've never seen the city... until tonight.
      Catherine: You've seen so much of the violence and the hatred of my world. I wanted you to know that there's beauty as well.
      Vincent: Oh... I know that. Ever since the night I found you, Catherine.

    • Catherine: Don't leave! She told me that this was a special night, Samhain. When the walls...
      Vincent: When the walls between the worlds grow thin, and spirits of the Underworld walk the earth.
      Catherine: Vincent, we can't waste it.

    • Brigit: We must take what we're given. Three hundred days, a few months...
      Catherine: Or a single night.

    • Vincent: You wrote that the price of your love had been high, but that you would pay it willingly until the end of your days. That you would change nothing, regret nothing.
      Brigit: That's ****** unfair of you, you know. Quotin' me own words back at me again, after I gave you all that good advice! The brain tells you all the sensible things to do, but the heart knows nothin' about sense. And the heart is as stubborn as the Irish.

    • Brigit: Will you be tellin' me of her, then?
      Vincent: Who?
      Brigit: Your lady, the one who's breaking your heart...Ah, you didn't come to me just to say you like me books. Somethin' about Ian and me struck close to home.
      Vincent: She brings me... such joy... and such pain. As I have never known. I have no place in her world, she has none in mine. Our bond endangers... everything. People I love, secrets I am sworn to keep, beliefs that I have lived by.

    • Brigit: I'm sick to death of safety! Oh, I look at the city and...I want to touch it, to walk its streets, meet its people, and listen to its music. I want to see all of the things my father told me of, and I can't. Can you imagine how that feels?
      Vincent: Yes.
      Brigit: Sometimes, Vincent, we must leave our safe places and walk empty-handed among our enemies.

    • Brigit: Oh it hurts... it hurts... but... it is such a sweet pain.

    • Brigit: The night has a special magic to it, don't you think? This night, especially.
      Vincent: Halloween.
      Brigit: In the Old Religion they call it Samhain. It's a night when the walls between the worlds grow thin, and spirits of the Underworld walk the earth. A night of masks and balefires, when anything is possible and nothing is quite as it seems. Your city has its own magic as well. The lights, towers... listen to it.

    • Vincent: Brigit O'Donald? Brigit: Herself.

    • Charles Chandler: Have I told you how beautiful you look? Sometimes you remind me so much of your mother.

    • Charles Chandler: Some day you'll find somebody you can love as much as I loved your mother. We were two of the lucky ones.

    • Vincent: Father, surely, on this of all nights I walk among them in safety.
      Father: Safety! Vincent, there is no safety up there...for you or anyone else.
      Vincent: Sometimes we must leave our safe places, Father, and walk empty handed among our enemies.
      Father: Those are Brigit O'Donald's words.
      Vincent: Those are true words, words that have opened doors for me. Let some light in on the dark places. You know what she means to me.
      Father: I do. I also know the danger of confusing the magic with the magician. Sometimes the person is smaller than the work, weaker, more frightened... more human. And I don't want to see you hurt, disappointed.
      Vincent: She will not disappoint me. Our lives are very different, but I am sure we will understand each other... I will not miss this opportunity. I must see her, talk to her.

    • Vincent: Every year they ask for the same stories. By now they should know them better than you do.
      Father: Well, old stories are rather like old friends. Every once in a while you have to drop in on them, just to see how they're doing. And, anyway, I can remember a certain young boy who would never let a mere jack o' lantern deny him a visit to Ichabod Crane.

    • Charles Chandler: (to Catherine) Am I early? Are you late? Or is that your costume?

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