Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 4

No Way Down

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 1987 on CBS

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  • Too many people see him but all in all a great struggle for survival from Vincent with a nice ending.

    I believe this is a very good episode for their third one in starting out but Vincent is suppose to be secret right? Actually, I think this one should have been the second episode. So many people hear and/or see him in this one and not all of them are killed. Remember the the girl in the gang and the hooker who helped him? We are to believe they not once said anything about Vincent. Of course you can say no one would believe them but in my opinion too many people saw him not to cause at least someone else to start investigating. Don't get me wrong I love this episode. It's sad to see Vincent treated so lowly and inspiring to see that despite all the abuse and pain he makes his way home in the end and back to the arms of Catherine. :)
  • The whole story of this episode is about Vincent who is trying to come back home in the tunnels after an explosion blinded him when he was watching around a placewhereCatherine talked to the witness of a crime.And it's very hard since he doesn't see much.

    This episode begins fairly well when we see Cathy arriving by taxi in an area of New-York City which is well-known for beeing rough because of many murders,many steals,and drug smuggling to name a few crimes.And as soon as she gets out of the taxi cab,she meets Vincent who felt of course she was coming there.Cathy tells Vincent she has come in that dangerous neiborhood to meet a witness who has some informations to say about a crime she is investigating about.Vincent says her he won't be far away if she needs her because Cathy promessed her informer she will come alone to their gathering.They are both separated after the explosion,Vincent tries to come back to the tunnels.He is blinded but succeed to arrives at the entrance of his home world and Cathy manages to find him back when that precise moment.

    The story is fairly boring,it's very hard to keep a real interrest until the end of that episode.At least when it's taped,we can use the remote control to skip the annoying stretch.That is to say,the majority of the episode.