Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 1

Once Upon a Time in the City of New York

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 1987 on CBS
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The series begins when Catherine Chandler becomes a victim of mistaken identity and is viciously attacked and left for dead in Central Park. A shadowy figure named Vincent rescues her and takes her to a mysterious Tunnel World that exists below the city streets of New York City to recuperate. During this time, Catherine develops a strong bond with Vincent and later she discovers that Vincent is half man/half beast. Later, Catherine's new job with the District Attorney puts her life in peril and somehow Vincent is able to sense when she is in danger.moreless

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  • Beautiful series! Catherine and Vincent begin to discover the beauty and pain of one another's lives.

    Great beginning to a beautiful series! Catherine starts to find her life is missing something. She gets mistaken for another woman and pays dearly for it. A night of horror turns into a night of wonder and new beginnings with the discovery of a whole new world and a different kind of gentleman in Vincent. It was interesting to have Catherine's beauty taken away from with the attack. This set up a meeting of the two sorta on the same turf. I believe it taught Catherine that there are so many more qualities in a person than the superficial ones of looks and class. She sees Vincent's true self. His soul and by doing so she began to feel and discover her own. The contrasts of the harshness of New York City and the soft glow and warmth of the tunnel community was a beautiful sight to behold. There is a fairytale world and it live under New York...well at least for the matter of 45 minutes of your day. :)moreless
  • Not only this the first episode and the beginning of this serie,but this the very best episode of this serie.In fact,I would even tend to say that is the only episode I had real interrest to watch from the beginning to the end.Anyway,it's the only superbmoreless

    After one of numberous party she attends in her life,Catherine Chandler who is a lawyer working in her father's law firm,is violently attacked and cut on her face by a gang of bandits.Those thugs attack her because they think she is an other woman.They push her out of their small van and she is left in the streets of New-York City.She is wounded enough to be going to die.But in very bright light,a man with face and body of a lion,comes arrives where she lies and take her to his underground world to save her life and care of her so that she can heal and come back to her feet.During this healing process,a very bond (that is even stronger than friendship or love) is born between them.From this time on and forever,Vincent can feel what Cathy feels and save her when her life is put in danger by some criminals of he can feel when she is sad and console her wherever she is in the City of New-York.moreless
John McMartin

John McMartin

Charles Chandler

Guest Star

Ron O'Neal

Ron O'Neal

Isaac Stubbs

Guest Star

Ray Wise

Ray Wise


Guest Star

Bill Marcus

Bill Marcus

D.A. John Moreno

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The man holding the knife in this episode is played by the same actor as the one who plays Eddie, Charles's brother, in the TV series, Brothers.

    • Nitpick: Catherine wears a beautiful ring while she is healing Below. When she leaves the party, she isn't wearing that ring. And when she is healed, and returns to her own world, then she isn't wearing it either. She only wears it in the tunnels, while she is healing.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Vincent: Goodbye.
      Catherine: For now.

    • Catherine: I owe you everything.
      Vincent: You owe me nothing. I am a part of you, Catherine just as you are a part of me. Wherever you go, wherever I am, I'm with you.

    • Vincent: I've seen your world. There is no place for me in it. I know what I am. Your world is filled with frightened people and I remind them of what they are most afraid of.
      Catherine: Their own ignorance.
      Vincent: Their aloneness.
      Catherine: Yes.

    • Vincent: Catherine, I feel the things you are feeling when you do.
      Catherine: How do you mean?
      Vincent: Just know that it's true and that your pain is my pain. Sometimes it is almost as if we're one.

    • Father: She can only bring you unhappiness.
      Vincent: Then I'll be unhappy. But I cannot forget her. We are still connected.
      Father: Vincent, your senses, your empathic powers, are quite extraordinary. It's your gift. And these powers have been heightened by the concern, by the love that you feel, but don't let your act of kindness destroy you.
      Vincent: Maybe I have no choice.

    • Vincent: Catherine, you survived. And what you endured will make you stronger and better.
      Catherine: I don't have your strength. I don't know how to do it.
      Vincent: You have the strength, Catherine, you do. I know you.

    • Vincent: I have never regretted what I am. Until now.... I was born and I survived.

    • Catherine: Vincent, please, tell me.
      Vincent: We're below the city, below the subways. There is a whole world of tunnels and chambers that most people don't even know exists. There are no maps to where we are. It's a forgotten place. But it's warm and it's safe, and we have all the room we need. So we live here and we try to live as well as we can, and we try to take care of each other. It's our city, down here.

    • Father: You have the soul of a doctor. When I studied medicine they wouldn't admit minorities. I wonder what they would have done with you? Let's not even think about it.

    • Vincent: You're safe. You're safe now. Don't be afraid. Please, don't be afraid.

    • Catherine: When I think of corporate law, stimulating is not a word that immediately pops into my mind.
      Catherine's Father: You know, when you put your mind to it you're a fine corporate lawyer.
      Catherine: No, Dad, I'm the daughter of a fine corporate lawyer.

    • Catherine: So sue me.
      Catherine's Father: It's a little late for that, I should have sued you when you were five.

  • NOTES (6)

    • The episode won 3 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Art Direction for a Series, Outstanding Cinematography for a Series and Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore).

    • Viewers get the first glimpse of the Tunnel World.

    • David Schwartz, supervising producer, appeared in this episode as the one who escorts Carol from the D.A.'s office to the so-called safe house.

    • This episode Establishes the antagonistic relationship between Father and Catherine.

    • This beginning was put to use on the second episode, which was called "Terrible Savior". It was used until the second episode of the third season, which was called "Walk Slowly".

    • This was the opening of the show that remained through the first two seasons. It changed in the first main episode of the third season, which was after Catherine died.
      Vincent: This is where the wealthy and the powerful rule. It is her world, a world apart from mine. Her name is Catherine. From the moment I saw her, she captured my heart with her beauty, her warmth, and her courage. I knew then, as I know now, she would change my life forever.
      Catherine: He comes from a secret place, far below the city streets, hiding his face from strangers, safe from hate and harm. He brought me there to save my life: and now, wherever I go, he is with me in spirit. For we have a bond, stronger than friendship or love..and, although we cannot be together, we will never, ever be apart.