Beauty and the Beast

Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 1989 on CBS
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Catherine gets bad news when she learns that her father has had a stroke. As he lingers near death she reveals to him her secret about Vincent. Later, after his death, Catherine falls into a deep depression and decides once and for all to leave her life Above and move Below to be with Vincent.


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  • For those who have lost parents..we remember and weep.

    For those who have lost parents, Orphans was a bittersweet reminder how unconditional love and support can mean so much. That is what Vincent gave Catherine without demanding anything in return. And his character was ever so consistent and thoughtful. This series may be a fantasy, but it was one worth paying attention to. We shall never see the likes of this type of intelligent and valued programming again. How very sad for all of those who never knew Vincent, Catherine and the other characters. It's unfortunate what television has been reduced to - we must demand quality - after all, what was once a free medium has now degraded into something we pay for dearly.moreless
John McMartin

John McMartin

Charles Chandler

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Abraham Alvarez

Abraham Alvarez

Dr. Cherian

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Fredric Arnold

Fredric Arnold

Jay Coolidge

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Philip Waller


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  • QUOTES (24)

    • Catherine: (in top of tree) Don't worry daddy. I won't fall. I won't fall.

    • Vincent: (voice over) Wherever you are, wherever you go, you take me. You stand for me. For us. For our dream. You carry our light.

    • Catherine: (to Joe) Thanks for worrying.

    • (Catherine hugs Vincent and then steps over the threshold. Stops. Turns. Comes back and...they kiss)
      Catherine: Thank you.

    • (Catherine hugs Vincent and then steps over the threshold. Stops. Turns. Comes back and...they kiss)
      Catherine: Thank you.

    • Catherine: Do you think that someday... Will we ever be together? Truly together?
      Vincent: Only if and when we understand how great the sacrifice. How large the fears are and are able to move through them.
      Catherine: I'm not scared.
      Vincent: Catherine, we are something that has never been. And our journey is one that none have ever taken. We are just now setting out. We must go with courage, and we must go with care.
      Catherine: I'm a little scared.
      Vincent: I know.
      Catherine: Isn't that strange?
      Vincent: No.

    • Catherine: ...My heart is here.
      Vincent: And my heart is with you. Wherever you are, wherever you go, you take me. You stand for me. For us. For our dream. You carry our light. That too is your destiny.

    • Vincent: Don't ever be afraid of the truth.
      Catherine: I don't want to hurt you. I don't ever want to disappoint you.
      Vincent: By returning Above?
      Catherine: I feel like I failed.
      Vincent: Catherine... every moment that we share is a triumph and a gift. And everyone of those moments is a lifetime complete. There is no failure. It doesn't mean our dream can never be. It just means now is not the right time. You came here to grieve, and begin to heal. But now your destiny is to be in both worlds. You are a woman of both worlds. That is who you are.

    • Catherine: But it wasn't like a dream... he was there talking to me.
      Vincent: Giving you his blessing.
      Catherine: He understood about our secret. He understood everything. I could feel his trust. Whatever I do now is okay.
      Vincent: You found peace with him but not yet with yourself.
      Catherine: I'm not sure.

    • Charles' Ghost: And I understand so much more about you now. What you have is a rare thing.
      Catherine: With Vincent?
      Charles' Ghost: Yes.
      Catherine: I wish I could have told you sooner. Did you understand?
      Charles' Ghost: I understood everything he said and I understood everything you said.
      Catherine: I just wanted you to know how much I love him... and how much I love you.

    • Catherine: I want to stay.
      Vincent: Catherine...
      Catherine: You know me, Vincent. You know what I'm feeling. I want to live in your world. I don't want to go back.
      Vincent: I don't want you to go back.

    • Catherine: Strange...
      Vincent: What?
      Catherine: Being here makes me realize what I've been missing all along-the chance to be with you. I wasn't sure if this time would ever come; that I would ever be so certain. But you know it's always been a dream.
      Vincent: For both of us.

    • Catherine: I spent the entire morning by myself, and somehow I didn't feel alone.
      Vincent: You're not alone here.

    • Father: Vincent, I'm afraid for you. Afraid for... both of you.
      Vincent: Father...
      Father: I fear that... whether Catherine stays or leaves... it's going to cause you both deep sorrow.

    • Father: Before, there was the safety of distance between you. But now-
      Vincent: he comes here in grief. Whatever she needs- whatever sacrifice I must make, I will make. To be there for Catherine.

    • Father: Vincent... I know how difficult this is for you.
      Vincent: To have her so close.
      Father: Yes. How long will she be staying?
      Vincent: As long as she needs.
      Father: I see.
      Vincent: Catherine knows how much her presence here affects me.
      Father: Does she? What have you told her?
      Vincent: Nothing.
      Father: Perhaps you should.
      Vincent: What shall I tell her that won't frighten her? She's all ready in enough pain.

    • Vincent: It's late. You should sleep.
      Catherine: I am tired.
      Vincent: Are you sure you'll be all right?
      Catherine: I'm sure.
      (Vincent turns to go)
      Catherine: Vincent. (they gaze into each others' eyes and hearts) Good night.
      Vincent: Good night.

    • Vincent: So sudden a loss.. you had no time to prepare.
      Catherine: The pain goes through me and then subsides.
      Vincent: I can feel it in you.
      Catherine: I know you can.

    • Catherine: I'm losing myself! I can't go back there.
      Vincent: Catherine...
      Catherine: There's nothing for me there. I tried. That life isn't mine anymore.
      Vincent: Give yourself time to mourn.
      Catherine: Vincent, I need to be with you. I need you... I need you!
      Vincent: Come.

    • Catherine: I didn't know where to go.
      Vincent: You're here now.
      Catherine: I've been walking, everywhere. Like I'm looking for something. I don't know.
      Vincent: Catherine, what you're looking for is inside you.

    • Joe: It goes a lot deeper than you think. It takes a long time to get your head straight... A lot longer than three days.

    • Catherine: (to her father) You see... I haven't been alone. There's been someone in my life. His name is Vincent...When I had the accident, it was Vincent who saved my life. Those days that I was missing, they weren't lost or forgotten. I was with him. Healing. Learning things about myself I might never have known. But Vincent was a secret I couldn't share... not even with you.
      Vincent: (to Catherine's father) I realize that to you I am a stranger, and that was not your choice. But what Catherine and I share has taken great courage, especially for Catherine. She sacrificed much in order to live a life of generosity and of love.
      Catherine: Daddy, I've gotten so much back. I had to change. I had to find my own strength and Vincent has helped me to do that.
      Vincent: (to Catherine's father) Please know this... That I will protect Catherine, watch over her, and love her... until my last breath.

    • Catherine: I wish we'd stayed that close.
      Vincent: You've told me before of the growing distance between you.
      Catherine: We got in a... habit. There were things I didn't want to tell him.
      Vincent: And... there were things you couldn't tell him... Catherine... There's still time.

    • Vincent: I'm here. Always.
      Catherine: Always. Such a father's word, always.
      Vincent: What is it? What are you thinking?
      Catherine: Something he did when I was little. He made me laugh, that's all. Whenever I was upset he'd make me laugh. He'd come to the door and I would be...crying on the bed. Already a part of me would start to smile. I would try not to, but I couldn't help it. And he would say in this deep voice, "Don't laugh...Don't laugh." And he would come in and I would try not to look, but I would look anyway...And there he was, with this enormous red clown's nose. I don't even know where he got it.
      Vincent: That is a wonderful memory to have.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Both the names of David Greenlee, who played the recurring role of Mouse and Carolyn Finney who played the recurring role of Rita Escobar appear in the credits for this episode, yet neither one actually appear in this episode.

    • Catherine kisses Vincent with a hint of physicality or shared pleasure for the first time in this episode, though not the first time she's kissed him.