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  • a modern retelling of a fairy tale

    After being attacked catherine, a hard nosed career woman, is rescued and nursed bck to health by Vincent, a gentle name with the face of a monster.
    Thus begins one of televisions most unusual love stories. Catherine and Vincent love on another, but do not show it in typical television manner. This is a show about romance, not sex.
  • A great show to watch with the family.

    I remember watching this show with my whole family. My mom really loved the show and it grew on all of us as well. I was sad to see it go and felt bad for the guy playing Beast as he never got any big roles after that until Hellboy. So his good job in this show finally was repaid to him with another role, not so great but not to bad.
  • Living in a secret world below the streets and subways of Manhattan, Vincent has learned the harsh realities of life... Then he meets Catherine, a young woman brutally attacked and he learns that the surface world holds beauty as well, not only on the out

    This show was a show I never thought I'd find myself watching, but after a few episodes, I couldn't stop. It had engaging characters you couldn't help but feel for: Catherine, played beautifully by Linda Hamilton; the enigmatic and noble Vincent, portrayed by Ron Perleman; Father, disillusioned with the world above, admirably played by Roy Dotrice; and a seemingly endless list of misfits and rejects from society. Many nights I wished I had a place like the tunnels to explore, a guardian like Vincent who would come if ever I needed help. Their festivals were magical, long before Harry Potter ever had his Hogwarts holidays.
    The reason I gave it an eight, however, is because it ran out of steam at the end. When they killed Catherine, they killed half of what made it a great show. The bond between Vincent and Catherine should never have been broken this way, but it was. Then they cheapened it by bringing in a totally new character whom I could never identify with or care for. Instead of going out cleanly, the series was left to suffer, having lost a vital part of itself in the character of Catherine. It went out with a whimper.
  • Most romantic show of all time

    This show will make anyone believe that true love can and does exist. Catherine Chandler and Vincent had the purest love I have ever seen in any film or television show. Nobody thought this show was going to catch on, but it did. It's audience may not have been the largest, but it was fiercly loyal. This is one of the rare times I wish a show had been cancelled before it was. Ending the second season with loose ends would have been more tolerable than what followed in the abbreviated third season. I know that Linda Hamilton was pregnant and wanted out. I truly wish the series had ended than return with her leaving so violently. While I like Jo Anderson as an actress, replacing Linda Hamilton with her would be like replacing Larry Hagman with George Peppard as J.R. Ewing. It would have been better to let Catherine and Vincent's love story continue in our minds as the series was cancelled anyway.
  • A show that brings back a lot of memories

    I hadn't seen this show in years until I found an old VHS tape from back in the day and went out and bought some more. This show had real heart which is more than you can say about some of them these days. It wasn't a perfect show but it had real potential and it's a pity it's been treated with such baffling contempt by the people who made it. Hopefully it'll get released on DVD soon, there's obviously interest in it.
  • I\'ve loved this show from the very beginning and I was only 12.

    I wish someone would get smart and release this on dvd. After all they don\'t have international Beauty and the Beast conventions for no reason. This is my favorite show, and even though they only released the first season on VHS YEARS ago, I\'ve worn my copies out. Give us our show back. PLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
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