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  • I\'ve loved this show from the very beginning and I was only 12.

    I wish someone would get smart and release this on dvd. After all they don\'t have international Beauty and the Beast conventions for no reason. This is my favorite show, and even though they only released the first season on VHS YEARS ago, I\'ve worn my copies out. Give us our show back. PLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
  • A show that brings back a lot of memories

    I hadn't seen this show in years until I found an old VHS tape from back in the day and went out and bought some more. This show had real heart which is more than you can say about some of them these days. It wasn't a perfect show but it had real potential and it's a pity it's been treated with such baffling contempt by the people who made it. Hopefully it'll get released on DVD soon, there's obviously interest in it.
  • Most romantic show of all time

    This show will make anyone believe that true love can and does exist. Catherine Chandler and Vincent had the purest love I have ever seen in any film or television show. Nobody thought this show was going to catch on, but it did. It's audience may not have been the largest, but it was fiercly loyal. This is one of the rare times I wish a show had been cancelled before it was. Ending the second season with loose ends would have been more tolerable than what followed in the abbreviated third season. I know that Linda Hamilton was pregnant and wanted out. I truly wish the series had ended than return with her leaving so violently. While I like Jo Anderson as an actress, replacing Linda Hamilton with her would be like replacing Larry Hagman with George Peppard as J.R. Ewing. It would have been better to let Catherine and Vincent's love story continue in our minds as the series was cancelled anyway.
  • Living in a secret world below the streets and subways of Manhattan, Vincent has learned the harsh realities of life... Then he meets Catherine, a young woman brutally attacked and he learns that the surface world holds beauty as well, not only on the out

    This show was a show I never thought I'd find myself watching, but after a few episodes, I couldn't stop. It had engaging characters you couldn't help but feel for: Catherine, played beautifully by Linda Hamilton; the enigmatic and noble Vincent, portrayed by Ron Perleman; Father, disillusioned with the world above, admirably played by Roy Dotrice; and a seemingly endless list of misfits and rejects from society. Many nights I wished I had a place like the tunnels to explore, a guardian like Vincent who would come if ever I needed help. Their festivals were magical, long before Harry Potter ever had his Hogwarts holidays.
    The reason I gave it an eight, however, is because it ran out of steam at the end. When they killed Catherine, they killed half of what made it a great show. The bond between Vincent and Catherine should never have been broken this way, but it was. Then they cheapened it by bringing in a totally new character whom I could never identify with or care for. Instead of going out cleanly, the series was left to suffer, having lost a vital part of itself in the character of Catherine. It went out with a whimper.
  • A great show to watch with the family.

    I remember watching this show with my whole family. My mom really loved the show and it grew on all of us as well. I was sad to see it go and felt bad for the guy playing Beast as he never got any big roles after that until Hellboy. So his good job in this show finally was repaid to him with another role, not so great but not to bad.
  • a modern retelling of a fairy tale

    After being attacked catherine, a hard nosed career woman, is rescued and nursed bck to health by Vincent, a gentle name with the face of a monster.
    Thus begins one of televisions most unusual love stories. Catherine and Vincent love on another, but do not show it in typical television manner. This is a show about romance, not sex.
  • Actually, I can't hardly remember...

    I can't hardly remember why I watched it not because it was bad. It is because it has been about 15-20 years since I saw an episode.
    So, what do I remember: The Beast lives in a kind of underworld. The Beauty - played by Linda Hamilton who became the one and only Sarah Connor - is a journalist who tries to solve crimes. That's where the Beast is helping her. And besides it, they get romantically involved. Or don't they?
    Well, it would be wise to watch some episodes or at least read the summary or some recaps before writing a review. Sorry...
  • My all time favorite show!

    Beauty and the Beast was a classic love story. I can't remember a show or even a movie that moved me the way that tv show did. I would love to see Ron Perlman (Vincent) and Linda Hamilton (Catherine) and all the others come back and do more of the show! Of course, they'd have to re-write 'Catherine' into it somehow but I know a lot of people who would love that. Admittedly, the show isn't for everyone... but for me, it was one of the best romantic tales I've ever seen. :)
  • Beauty & the Beast is about an unusal man who lives beneath the city streets & a woman who soon becomes his greatest love.

    Beauty and the Beast is a story that takes place in New York. Catherine Chandler is a wealthy woman who thinks that her life has no meaning. One night she gets mistaken for someone else & she has her face slashed. Vincent later finds her in the park & takes her down below the city tunnels that have been forgotten by everyone except the few that live there. He takes care of her wounds & while she is slowly healing Catherine learns that Vincent is from a different world. He lives in tunnels & must stay hidden because of his appearance. But even though he looks like a beast he has the most gentle & loving heart. And soon he and Catherine develope a bond that becomes stronger than friendship or even love. It's this bond that leads him to rescue Catherine when shes in danger. He can feel when she is hurt or in pain. It's that very bond that kept viewers watching & waiting for each & every episode.

  • It is an classic and well loved theme.

    It is an classic and well loved theme. A beautiful young woman falls in love with a forbidden ugly beast-man. The woman is of course not only beautiful on the outside but able to see the true inside attributes of the beast. He has such quality inside that he becomes handsome in her eyes. They are kept apart because of society which actually brings them together. It is a theme that can and does provide a variety of plots. As with any good show, the plots provide both good drama on a superficial level, good symbolism, and goes deeper to the meaning and faces of love.
  • amazing and funny. good enough to pass down to future generations

    My Dad taped it while it was on so I watch the tapes (all six of them!). It took me three days to watch all the episodes he had collected since I was not old enough to watch the series while it was on television. I love the way Vincent watched out for Catherine and they are "Never apart." Those of you who just do not get it well you are missing out. I love the show and think we should boycot all television in general until they decide to put it back on air. I know all my friends would love it!!!!
  • Strong, engaging characters set in an modern fairytale of romance. The show set out to depict true love and I think it did exactly that - in a unique and almost magical way.

    I adored this show for two seasons. Strong, engaging characters set in an modern fairytale of romance. The show set out to depict true love and I think it did exactly that - in a unique and almost magical way.
    Unfortunately, I did have a difficult time watching after Linda Hamilton left. Catherine was the heart and Vincent was the soul...I could no longer enjoy a show where one of them was missing.

    I have the soundtrack (a mix of music and poetry from the series) and I would love to eventually get the entire series on DVD. This is definitely a show I would watch over and over again.
  • Beauty and The Beast, starring Linda Hamilton/Ron Perlman was my family's favourite show while I was growing up and we were so very disappointed when it was cancelled. We don't think it was given a fair chance! They need to bring it back to see how it wou

    When this show was on, it was a show that my entire family watched! We all loved it! And although there are shows that are good today, I personally don't think that they can even compare. Beauty and the Beast had the perfect combination of genre that there can be in a show - drama, action, romance, etc. but yet it wasn't inapproriate for children. This show was being aired during the time of Desert Storm and people were busy watching the news (which I'm not saying is bad, because we did too, but while taping Beauty & the Beast at the same time, so that we did not miss an episode.) We still belive to this day that the show would have continued, if for better cirumstances. Everyone I know of who had ever seen this show all wishes that this show would have been brought back!! We STILL wish that! The ratings would probably be more than good, plus even with the slightest possibility of it not making good ratings and having to be cancelled (which I seriously doubt would happen) at least it would have been given a fair chance!
  • Absolutely perfect!!!! A great tv serie that I watched when I was a little girl!!! I want it baaaack, if someone knows a torrent site for download all the seasons!!!!! It would be great!! Thaaanks!! Please I cant wait to see that serie again!..if somebody

    I want it baaaack, if someone knows a torrent site for download all the seasons!!!!! It would be great!! Thaaanks!!Thaaanks!! Please I cant wait to see that serie again!..if somebody tell me where is it?
    someone knows? a torrent site for download all the seasons!!!!! It would be great!! Thaaanks!!
  • this was actually a intriging show.

    it was a little to romantic for me, but it was still pretty cool. i liked the idea that a bunch of people lived in harmony under the streets of new york. kind of like the morlocks in the x-men comics. some of the storylines were really good, but others really sucked.
  • Wished that it was back!

    Catherine is a beautiful and wealthy attorney who is smart as well as also from the NYC steet scene while
    Vincent is from a different world in which he can only be underground and never go out but he doesn't seem to mind
    Since his world only would understand and accept him
    Great love story and should had lasted more than three years
  • The Worlds Most Romantic Show Ever Made !!

    This show was the most romantic show I have ever seen you really feel that beauty should end up with the beast (the beast has got the most sexy voice who cares what he looks like) I grew up watching this show with my mom and too this day I have never seen a show that I found more romantic I loved everything about it , if you have never seen this show you should go watch it N O W its one that you will never forget just wait untill you hear the beast talk you will never find a voice thats more romantic sexy deep ... OMG what a voice they should bottle it up and sell it
  • Nothing prepared me for the powerful connection two beings found within each other. Love found in the most extraordinary place in the world "the underground". Two characters of different world and yet similar in life and sufferings found love and hope.

    It's the most romantic show next to Gone with the Wind or Phanton of the Opera, It had everything: adventure, mystery, romance - in the heart sense- and more. The romance part of the series is what affected me the most. Love that deep is truly powerful and sensual. I know there's no turning back the clock but at least bring us something similar to enjoy. I enjoyed that it was not sexual, no vulgarity was used or nor was it in bad taste meaning using profanity. I loved the poetic dialog.
  • I just got the DVD set with the first season 6 disc 22 eps and all as i remember them. This was one of the best all time shows.

    This show was and is one of the all time classic TV shows.
    I would go over to a friend to watch it and I think I once 3 or 4 days helping copy the tapes a friend and I had for his own collection(tape I wore out over years)I have never seen a show like it since and it would be hard to see it re-made in todays world of TV. I just wish it could have ended better.

    It will be hard to watch that last eps of the second season the DVD set is out July 10th

  • "He comes from a secret place far below the city streets, hiding his face from strangers. Safe from hate and harm... Her name is Catherine. From the moment I saw her she captured my heart with her beauty, her warmth and her courage...."

    Let's just say that this was the only show that my mother let me stay up late to watch... because she watched it too.

    The amazing connection between Catherine and Vincent... the beautiful sets that gave us an underground world beneath New York City. Was just a wonderful world to live in once a week.

    The cast was amazing with a number of one-of-a-kind characters: Mouse - the engineering marvel with a sweet child-like manner. "Okay good... Okay fine." Father, played by Roy Dotrice, the patriarch of the world below.

    The most amazing standout in the series was Ron Perlman. Now here is a man that can sell a CD of poetry. While the second season was a complete disappointment, trying to take his soulmate relationship with Catherine... a love beyond time and place and try to replace her with ANYONE is ridiculous!! Then again... I guess that's where they jumped the shark.
  • Woman gets brutally attacked, man finds woman, woman has some issues with the man's appearance, then learns he is so much more than she thought.

    Vincent is every woman's dream man, besides the lion look. He's romantic, strong, can make you laugh and isn't afraid to show emotion.

    Catherine is the perfect "Beauty". She's a little freaked out at first, but comes to realize Vincent is more than just a "Beast". He's a man with feelings and he loves her unconditionally.
  • This serie was very promising at the first episode "Once upon a time in the City of New-York".That episode was really simply Superb.After watching it,I was really looking forward to seeing all other episodes.But after,the serie was either average of ugly.

    This show is about the impossible love beetween a lion-man called Vincent who lives below New-York City in the tunnels under the subway and a young and beautiful lawyer named Catherine Chandler who works for the New-York District Attorney.They met each other when Vincent rescued Cathy was attacked and almost killed by a gang of thugs who thought they attacked an oher woman.Catherine was left dead in Central Park .Vincent brought Cathy into his underground world to take care of her and allow her to heal.In this world below,some people live there because they didn't have their place in the world above.Since that time,Vincent feels everything Cathy feels and at the same time she feels so.This is why he can know when she is in danger and come to her rescue and save her life every time.
  • Beauty and the Beast was a true love story

    I really liked this show from day one, when Linda Hamilton had to be taken to the tunnels to heal. I loved Vincent. He was so kind to her. I wasn't very old but I watched it every week and each season just got better. I liked all the people who lived in the tunnels, the art, the creativity, the lost humanity of it all. That was one show that I still miss, to this day. I think about it now and then and it's more now than it is then. Anotehr show, gone before it's time, perhaps it was ahead of it's time. I miss you Vincent!
  • I loved this show and still do.

    It touched me from the first episode to the last. I felt that it was a loves story for the ages. Three seasons just wasn't enough. And killing off Catherine was the biggest mistake. We'll never know how things could have played out with Vincent, their child and her. But I guess that's what imaginations and fanfics are for. Vincent was my dream man. The idea of someone being so close to me that they could literally feel what I was feeling. To know I needed them before I even knew it myself was something that I always dreamt about.
  • This show is truly a classic for romantics like myself. It is about the love and connection between two people that cross paths due to a tragic crime. Vincent,a deformed man like beast. And Catherine, a well to do attorney who has not found happiness.

    I truly believe this show was not given the oppurtunity it deserved to come back from a short third season. I think if it had been given a chance it would bring viewers back to see the romance between Diane and Vincent. The way I look at it Catherine's love gave Vincent the ability to love without fear of his physical appearance. I certainly was turned off by the prospect of Vincent loving another at the time. However, I am older now and realize that loosing someone through death does not mean you stop loving them. It just means that now you can transform that love. "Though lovers be lost love shall not and death shall have no dominion". By not allowing yourself to love again you would give in to death. This is one of my favourite fairy tale stories ever shown on television. It had class without all the sexually explicit television that we see today. I prefer when certain things are left to the imagination.
  • This show was absolutely wonderful! It was reminiscent of the movie Phantom of the Opera…another of my favorites. Yes I would love for it to be brought back to television and even with the original cast ; perhaps with the son of Vincent?

    The story of unconditional love! Vincent's readings were and remain so sensual yet heart felt and touching.I only wish that this show would be brought back for in today's television series options there is something missing in that catagory. Bring back such devotion and compassion and caring; yes rarely do we see such a story on television anymore. This story will live on in the hearts of it fans just like "Phantom of the Opera" which is reminiscent to "Beauty and the Beast". For those of us who believe that such a love can exist it touches the heart and soul of that belief...
  • Beauty and the Beast was a wonderful series of true love conquering all. It put life in prospective and gave me something to dream about. It never failed to capture my imagination from start to finish. Vincent's voice - well that turned my knees to jelly!

    The characters were real and the storylines brilliant. It was a mixture of the real and the enchanted that blended so flawlessly. The love and bond between Vincent and Catherine was extremely well depicted and although I was desperate at times for them to kiss and fall into bed, somehow their deep commitment to each other and the long lingering looks and hugs were all that was needed - imagination did the rest. Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton were amazing together – but I would have swapped places with her any day!! - Well a girl can dream, can't she?
  • Probably the best show of its kind in TV history! Preceded by no other and followed by no other!

    I am one of those fans of the tv series "Beauty and the Beast" that until someone finally gives this story the ending that it deserves, I will always be left with a huge and dark hole in my heart!
    In all of my years, 34 and counting, I have seen a lot of tv and even more movies....I have never seen a tv show or a film that captures and portrays TRUE LOVE, like this one!
    It is an absolute classic, the greatest love story ever presented! Everything on the show was magical. It had of course a few shortcomings, some times smaller some times bigger, but in all it was just magical. The love that Cathrine and Vincent shared and the way they did it was so amazing and so heartwarming that it was like they were both feeling and living all the love that could exist in the world!
    Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman had such an extraordinary chemistry and did such an exquisite job that it was like they "disappeared" as actors...From a point on the viewer was made by both of them to forget that they were actors playing their roles..They breathed life so gently and with so much respect and care into those wonderful two characters who became as real as they could ever get! Cathrine and Vincent really took life! Their story was true and happening right then and there and someone just happened to film while it was going on in real life!! I have never been so profoundly and lastingly touched in my life and I don't think I ever will be again!!!
    I am sure I speak on behalf of many when I say: Please give the story the ending that it truly and rightfully deserves!! The best case scenario would be somehow with the same cast, Mrs Hamilton and Mr Perlman in the leading roles.....If that is not possible then find another way...but please do so!!
  • I have been enjoying Beauty and the Beast on the Chiller network. I had forgotten how much I loved this show and still love it. I watched the episodes yesterday leading up to and including the death of Catherine and I cried like a baby.

    Still one of the best love stories ever made for television. This is proved by the fact that people are still talking about it over twenty years after it left the airwaves! I highly recommend that if you get the Chiller network you check it out. They have all day marathons from 9am-4pm. It still makes my heart beat fast when Catherine looks at Vincent and the love just seems to shine out of her eyes. And the camera was always so good to Linda Chandler. She never looked more beautiful than she did when filming this series. I just wish she would have stayed with the show a little longer so we had more episodes. I feel sure it would have lasted several more seasons if she had not made the decision to leave.
  • The adventures and romance of a mythic, noble man-beast and a crusading District Attorney assistant.

    I certainly know my life has been enriched by Beauty and the Beast, the storylines and the whole concept of life beneath the New York City streets where love prevails. In short this show is everything that is good and pure about human kind and it is desperately needed more now than ever before so that it might shape the future of the younger generation today just as it shaped the lives of the fans it has now - nearly 2 decades after it went off air. So bring back Beauty and the Beast, because nothing will ever come close.
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