Beauty and the Beast

CBS (ended 1990)


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  • Beauty & the Beast is about an unusal man who lives beneath the city streets & a woman who soon becomes his greatest love.

    Beauty and the Beast is a story that takes place in New York. Catherine Chandler is a wealthy woman who thinks that her life has no meaning. One night she gets mistaken for someone else & she has her face slashed. Vincent later finds her in the park & takes her down below the city tunnels that have been forgotten by everyone except the few that live there. He takes care of her wounds & while she is slowly healing Catherine learns that Vincent is from a different world. He lives in tunnels & must stay hidden because of his appearance. But even though he looks like a beast he has the most gentle & loving heart. And soon he and Catherine develope a bond that becomes stronger than friendship or even love. It's this bond that leads him to rescue Catherine when shes in danger. He can feel when she is hurt or in pain. It's that very bond that kept viewers watching & waiting for each & every episode.

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