Beauty and the Beast

CBS (ended 1990)


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  • Beauty and The Beast, starring Linda Hamilton/Ron Perlman was my family's favourite show while I was growing up and we were so very disappointed when it was cancelled. We don't think it was given a fair chance! They need to bring it back to see how it wou

    When this show was on, it was a show that my entire family watched! We all loved it! And although there are shows that are good today, I personally don't think that they can even compare. Beauty and the Beast had the perfect combination of genre that there can be in a show - drama, action, romance, etc. but yet it wasn't inapproriate for children. This show was being aired during the time of Desert Storm and people were busy watching the news (which I'm not saying is bad, because we did too, but while taping Beauty & the Beast at the same time, so that we did not miss an episode.) We still belive to this day that the show would have continued, if for better cirumstances. Everyone I know of who had ever seen this show all wishes that this show would have been brought back!! We STILL wish that! The ratings would probably be more than good, plus even with the slightest possibility of it not making good ratings and having to be cancelled (which I seriously doubt would happen) at least it would have been given a fair chance!