Beauty and the Beast

CBS (ended 1990)


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  • I vaguely remember this voyage into beastiality.

    Just now an ad for the DVD appeared on, so I guess Ill review it.

    I like Linda Hamilton so I tried to watch this and just didnt see why anyone would want to watch a story about an attractive woman engaged in some kind of relationship with some kind of mutant beast man creature. This show was WEIRD with a capital W! Ok, so did they everrrrr?... uh...ya know... I sure hope not!.... their children would have HOOVES! (obscure reference the cult classic movie Office Space)

    What exactly was Vincent? What percentage of his DNA was human? At least David Banner aka The Incredible Hulk was usually in 100% human form when he engaged in activities with womyn.

    Time to stuff this weird program back into the closet of my mind - hopefully never to return.