Beauty and the Beast

CBS (ended 1990)


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  • This serie was very promising at the first episode "Once upon a time in the City of New-York".That episode was really simply Superb.After watching it,I was really looking forward to seeing all other episodes.But after,the serie was either average of ugly.

    This show is about the impossible love beetween a lion-man called Vincent who lives below New-York City in the tunnels under the subway and a young and beautiful lawyer named Catherine Chandler who works for the New-York District Attorney.They met each other when Vincent rescued Cathy was attacked and almost killed by a gang of thugs who thought they attacked an oher woman.Catherine was left dead in Central Park .Vincent brought Cathy into his underground world to take care of her and allow her to heal.In this world below,some people live there because they didn't have their place in the world above.Since that time,Vincent feels everything Cathy feels and at the same time she feels so.This is why he can know when she is in danger and come to her rescue and save her life every time.
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