Beauty and the Beast

CBS (ended 1990)


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  • Probably the best show of its kind in TV history! Preceded by no other and followed by no other!

    I am one of those fans of the tv series "Beauty and the Beast" that until someone finally gives this story the ending that it deserves, I will always be left with a huge and dark hole in my heart!
    In all of my years, 34 and counting, I have seen a lot of tv and even more movies....I have never seen a tv show or a film that captures and portrays TRUE LOVE, like this one!
    It is an absolute classic, the greatest love story ever presented! Everything on the show was magical. It had of course a few shortcomings, some times smaller some times bigger, but in all it was just magical. The love that Cathrine and Vincent shared and the way they did it was so amazing and so heartwarming that it was like they were both feeling and living all the love that could exist in the world!
    Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman had such an extraordinary chemistry and did such an exquisite job that it was like they "disappeared" as actors...From a point on the viewer was made by both of them to forget that they were actors playing their roles..They breathed life so gently and with so much respect and care into those wonderful two characters who became as real as they could ever get! Cathrine and Vincent really took life! Their story was true and happening right then and there and someone just happened to film while it was going on in real life!! I have never been so profoundly and lastingly touched in my life and I don't think I ever will be again!!!
    I am sure I speak on behalf of many when I say: Please give the story the ending that it truly and rightfully deserves!! The best case scenario would be somehow with the same cast, Mrs Hamilton and Mr Perlman in the leading roles.....If that is not possible then find another way...but please do so!!