Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 12

Shades of Grey

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 1988 on CBS



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    • Father: Mouse...Catherine... I have no words to thank you...
      Vincent: Catherine...
      Catherine: I have never been so frightened.
      Vincent: Your courage saved our lives.
      Catherine: I felt like I was losing the best part of myself... I would have done anything... It wasn't courage, Vincent, it was love.

    • Winslow: Only Mouse I know with nine lives.

    • Mouse: (with explosives) He's my friend too, Catherine. If you die, he will kill me anyway. Go now.

    • Father: The colors. I think I miss colors most of all. They've even begun to fade from my mind's eye...I wish you could have seen the blue of the Pacific under a summer sun...the green of the grass at Ebbott's field. The fall leaves blazing orange and yellow in Vermont.
      Vincent: But I have seen them all, Father. No child ever had a better guide. Your words painted pictures that I will never forget. You took me around the world. Twain's Mississippi. Kipling's India. Jack London's Klondike. You made them come alive for me...there aren't many places left to go...

    • Father: Promise me you will keep our dream alive.
      Vincent: I promise.
      Father: It won't be without sacrifice...

    • Father: Our world must continue. A lot of good and trusting people depend on this place. It's all they have.
      Vincent: Mine is not the only voice.
      Father: It's the truest, and the strongest.

    • Vincent: Our bond is stronger and deeper than either of us can begin to imagine.
      Father: As if both your...destinies were inextricably linked.
      Vincent: Yes.
      Father: As if your hearts in their search for union could transcend time and space, circumvent the laws of physics and probability.
      Vincent: Yes.
      Father: Vincent, I understand more than you think about your Catherine... about your bond.

    • Father: All right... if the head injury were very severe, I wouldn't be lucid. And I am lucid... aren't I?
      Vincent: So far.
      Father: So far? Well, in this case, I will recite from Virgil on the hour...just to make sure.
      Vincent: Then I'll be asleep.

    • Elliot: (to Catherine) Maybe in your life, your choices have always been black and white... but in mine they are always gray.

    • Catherine: Someone there?
      Mouse: Mouse. Who...?
      Catherine: My name is Catherine. I was looking for Vincent, I...
      Mouse: Catherine? Vincent's Catherine?

    • Mouse: Everyone takes things from Uptop... that is what Uptop is there for.

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