Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 1987 on CBS
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While attending a party, Catherine catches the eye of megabucks developer, Elliot Burch who begins to wine and dine her. Vincent realizes that Catherine has met a man and must deal with the fact that she's beginning to fall in love. Meanwhile, elderly people are being threatened out of their homes and Vincent and Catherine begin an investigation.


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  • This is the first in the serie we could suffer because of jealousy he feels because he sees a situation in which Catherine is falling in love with an otherman.But it won't stop him from protecting her from danger.He will express her love with nice poetry.moreless

    In this episode,Cathy has to struggle against some bandits who intimidate some elders residents of a building without to known those goons work for Elliot Burch a businessman she is falling in love with.The goal of Elliot Burch is to evict some those elder tenants from their lodgings because he wants to replace those lodgings with some much more luxurious residences which will bring him some much bigger incomes.Finally,Cathy will discover Elliot is the one behing all that criminal plan.She will succeed to stop that,assisted by Vincent of course,and her love for Burch will disapear as quick as it had come.moreless
Robin Gammell

Robin Gammell

Lewis Arthur

Guest Star

Louis Giambalvo

Louis Giambalvo

Leo Mundy

Guest Star

Albert Hague

Albert Hague

Micha Langer

Guest Star

Edward Albert

Edward Albert

Elliot Burch

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Nitpick: When Vincent is going to rescue Catherine he runs through the tunnels and is seen riding the top of a subway train. These are the same scenes that are in the first episode. So is the scene of Vincent climbing up a building and looking out at the city.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Micha: Without your help, those punks would have killed us all.
      Vincent: All?
      Micha: The other tenants. Those who refuse to be chased from their apartments.
      Vincent: These men that did this, why do they try to drive you from your homes?
      Micha: Because we're old, and there's a dollar to be made.

    • Elliot: I do love this city. The thing is, you can't walk a block without seeing somebody - something that absolutely knocks you out, stuns you.
      Catherine: The good, the bad and the utterly absurd.
      Elliot: Yeah. Yeah, and it's constantly changing, constantly transforming itself, reinventing itself. It's unbelievable- it's always expanding.

    • Father: Vincent, what weighs so heavy? Please? Tell me.
      Vincent: She met a man. She's falling in love.
      Father: Let her... Let her fall in love, Vincent.
      Vincent: My mind tells me to rejoice for her, that she deserves the happiness. But my heart... is dying. I'm poisoned by feelings I've never felt before...Father, it hurts.
      Father: I've always dreaded this moment for you and I suppose I've always known it would come. The day when your heart would lead you to long for a life that can never be, Vincent.
      Vincent: Yes, a life that can never be...

    • Vincent: You have a generous heart, Catherine.
      Catherine: Something I learned from you.
      Vincent: No. It can't be taught. It's from the soul. And you have so much to give.
      Catherine: It's all still very new... Sometimes, I wonder, how all those little pieces will ever fit together again.
      Vincent: Follow your heart, Catherine. Follow your heart. You must.

    • Elliot: I'm Elliot Burch.
      Catherine: Of course, you are.

    • Elliot: (to reporter) Can you put a price tag on magic? The true value of great art lies in its ability to influence and enhance the quality of humanity. And contrary to popular opnion, I believe New Yorkers still qualify.

  • NOTES (7)


    • Peter J Formaniai: Beauty and the Beast had a lot of culture in it. Poetry, novels, classical music pieces.
      Shakespeare, William (1564-1616) "Sonnet 29" (1598) (Read)