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Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 8

Song of Orpheus

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 1987 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Father's past is revealed when he goes above for the first time in over thirty years to see a friend. When he arrives at his destination, he stumbles upon a murder and is quickly arrested and charged with murder. Vincent summons Catherine's help as they unravel Father's mysterious past.moreless

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  • Father's trials, good but not so interested as much as I should have been.

    I must admit that I'm not a fan of Father's background. It was a good episode though in it's own right and understandable to make such an episode to shed a little light on how and why the tunnel world began. It would have been nice if we had an episode where it all took place in the past up to the point where Jacob finds Vincent but that might have revealed a little too much about these two mysterious characters. Without Father the Vincent we know would have never been so it's good to get a little info on how he became the man he is today.:)moreless

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    • Catherine: It's so sad... to have a beginning and an end... and all the time in the middle empty.
      Vincent: They had seven days, Catherine... seven days.

    • Vincent: Margaret said the last seven days were the happiest of her life.
      Catherine: And how is Father?
      Vincent: Healing... alone... grateful.
      Catherine: They truly loved each other.
      Vincent: Yes.

    • Father: All is forgiven... I let go of all that anger years ago. Oh yes, there was a time when I gorged myself in bitterness and self-pity. But then I came to know someone who had every reason to curse fate and feel punished and yet he accepted all that life had to offer with gratitude and love.
      Margaret: Vincent? (Father nods)

    • Catherine: Father...I just want you to know I would never hurt him...I love him.
      Father: I know... and I also know that it can only bring him unhappiness.
      Catherine: Why do you say that?
      Father: Because, part of him... is a man.

    • Catherine: (at the subway) Well, goodbye.
      Father: Catherine, you have been more than a good friend to me. I know what you have risked and, believe me, I am grateful. Goodbye.

    • Father: What about Vincent?
      Catherine: He knows.
      Father: I didn't want to keep things hidden from him. I wanted to...forget. Does he understand that?
      Catherine: Yes.

    • Catherine: Are you alright?
      Father: No. Please, stay out of it. You must. Anything you do to draw attention to me...
      Catherine: You are being charged with murder! You must tell me everything that happened. Don't you know by now that you can trust me?
      Father: It's not that. I may be a stranger to your world, but I am no stranger to the betrayals of your judicial system.
      Catherine: I am the only one who can help you.
      Father: If you really want to help me...please, go away!
      Catherine: I can't do that...Jacob, I know who you were, what you went through.

    • Margaret: (voice over of letter) ...still cling to the wreck of my memories before they sink forever...

    • Catherine: ...He was blackmailed! ...his name is Dr. Jacob Wells...

    • Vincent: I should never have let him go alone.
      Catherine: Where was he going?
      Vincent: It has something to do with his life before.
      Catherine: When he lived Above? What has he told you about his life then?
      Vincent: Only that it was another life, lived by another person and that the memory of it is best forgotten... I know he was a doctor.
      Catherine: Do you know his full name?
      Vincent: I've always called him Father.

    • Vincent: It's Father.
      Catherine: What's happened?
      Vincent: He went Above today for the first time that I can remember. He should have been back hours ago. He is somewhere in this city... I need your help, Catherine.
      Catherine: Of course, I'll help.

    • Margaret: (to Lawyer Taft) A day hasn't passed that I haven't thought about him...seeing him again... especially now.
      Taft: He dropped off the face of the earth 35 years ago. We don't even know...
      Margaret: I know he is alive...

    • Vincent: Father, you...
      Father: Please, Vincent, don't ask me anything.

    • Father: I have kept certain things from you about my life before...
      Vincent: Father, what are you trying to tell me?
      Father: I have to return... I have to go Above.
      Vincent: When will you go?
      Father: As soon as I prepare myself. I will be back by this evening... When I return, we'll talk.

    • Father: I have always wondered when it would happen...Now it has. Vincent, I've never lied to you. The things I taught you about the world Above… so much was to protect you… and it was to also to help me to forget... Forget a world that I once loved.
      Vincent: I've always sensed that...

    • Father: Hum, hum... Fisher-Vasky's fourth game.
      Vincent: Seventh game.
      Father: I don't know what masochistic impulse ever prompted me to teach you chess.

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