Beauty and the Beast

Season 2 Episode 6

Sticks and Stones

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 1989 on CBS
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Catherine has been working to put the leader of a deaf street gang behind bars. She is stunned to learn that Laura, an ex-tunnel dweller has fallen in with the gang and has fallen in love with a fellow gang member, who just happens to be an undercover cop working with Catherine.moreless

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  • Laura finds her man, endures more hardship, and triumphs in the end! :)

    This is the second episode from the series that features the character of Laura. We revisit her to see how her life has been since she left Vincent and the tunnels to live a life above. She hasn't been as accepted in this world as much as she wish and discovers a gang of deaf people who are prejudice of the hearing. One of the gang members is actually an undercover cop who has fallen in love with Laura and she him. Vincent comes to terms that Laura is a woman now and is strong but misguided about the gang. This was an interesting episode. So sweet that Laura has found romance and that she wishes one day to introduce him to Vincent. It would have been nice to have seen that day. :)moreless
Ed Kelly

Ed Kelly


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Charles Bouvier

Charles Bouvier

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    • Catherine: Will it make her life any simpler, do you think?
      Vincent: No, not simpler.
      Catherine: But she'll be happier.
      Vincent: Perhaps.
      Catherine: Trust me, Vincent. She will be happier.

    • Catherine: That she could forgive Jerry... that took courage. That's the rarest kind of love.
      Vincent: To surrender yourself completely to your heart, to trust in it fully, to believe in it without doubting.
      Catherine: To let it guide your life. Somehow, Laura's found the way.
      Vincent: Yes.

    • Catherine: She has been through a lot.
      Vincent: The world has tested her.
      Catherine: And yet she chooses to remain Above.
      Vincent: She is in love.

    • Catherine: You have a lot to be proud of, Vincent, all that you have given to Laura and taught her.
      Vincent: I never realized until now just how much she's given me... and how much I miss her.

    • Vincent: (signing to Laura) Don't be ashamed. Hate and rage are powerful forces in all of us. Don't punish yourself for feeling them. They're part of us we understand the least, and yet they are the part of us we should try to understand the most.

    • Vincent: (writing in his journal) It is late. Yet, I cannot sleep. I am thinking of Laura. Cold up there tonight. I can feel it. The chill down through the layers of pipes there to protect us, insulate us. What is happening to her? Can there be anything so painful as watching a child that you love falter in the world? Refuse your help? At what point do you draw quietly away from their lives? At what point do you say, "I am no longer responsible." We taught Laura to depend on herself, to think her own thoughts. Do we now tell her to disregard those lessons, to doubt herself, to change? She is a woman now, no longer a child. What is happening to her up there?

    • Catherine: (to Jerry) Secrets can get pretty heavy.

    • Father: You are always free to return here. We will always welcome you.
      Laura: (signs) I have another family now... We live as we must. The only way we can. We live as all of you do. We have made the same choices, to live outside of society. The only difference that I see is that you have chosen to live down here. We have chosen to live bound by our deafness... Down here you taught me that I was no different, that I was the same as everyone. Now you call me handicapped?! It makes no difference. It is the same everywhere. I carry a shield with me now to protect me. You can vote if you want. I reject your vote! I reject your judgement!

    • Father: Please, Laura, remember we're all your friends, and you know our rules as well as anyone. If you to continue as part of us then you must-at the very least-abide by the moral principles according to which we live.
      Laura: (signs) What principles? Love? Trust? Those are just words. What good will they do me in the world Above? Yes, I love. I trust. But I also hate. I also distrust. There are other, more complex feelings I need to help me survive.

    • Father: Laura, our purpose here is not to judge you.
      Laura: (signs, Vincent interprets) You stand there with straight eyes and tell me that?

    • Vincent: (signing to Laura) I'm here because I care for you, because I love you. Because I know that you have been unhappy. You could have come to me. (Laura signs) Our world choked you? (Laura signs) I understand your anger. But is this the right place for you? Are you happy here? Do you love him? You've become a woman. I wish the circumstances were different. You know the message I bring.

    • Catherine: Vincent, Laura herself may have broken the law. I'm not sure. But you should prepare yourself for that possibility.
      Vincent: We have our own laws, Catherine, and Laura must stand to answer them. Until the Counsel and the others determine otherwise, she remains a part of our community.
      Catherine: I can't protect her in any way.
      Vincent: I know but, I must see her tonight.

    • Vincent: Somehow I still think of the Tunnels as her home. I always thought if she needed sanctuary for whatever reasons she would seek it among us.
      Catherine: Well, she found it, Vincent but in a dangerous place, among people who live by violence. One of them, we think, killed a security guard.
      Vincent: This is her new home?
      Catherine: I'm sorry.
      Vincent: I know.

    • Vincent: It's been difficult for her Above. We've known that for some time. Little by little she began to shed her duties as a Helper, until last week when she disappeared.
      Catherine: Why didn't you tell me, Vincent? I might have helped.

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