Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 1988 on CBS
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A conflict of interest arises when Joe becomes involved with a woman who works for a firm that the DA's office has under investigation. Meanwhile, Vincent takes a trip to a lower cavern to retrieve a gift for Catherine in honor of their one year anniversary of when they first met.moreless

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  • I felt bad for Joe

    I like Joe and I hated seeing him getting his heart broken.I wanted him to end up with a good woman he deserved it,but no love triangle between Vincent/Catherine/and him.I think him and Catherine should just be friends.Maybe he should've ended up with one of Vincent's helpers.
  • I love Joe but not this episode! He deserved so much more than that lady and also more than this episode offered.

    Another one of my not so favorite episodes. Don't get me wrong though! I just love Joe. He is my very favorite of the topsiders after Catherine of course! I think that Joe should have tried for Catherine instead of introducing a one time only character for him. Always wanted to see a triangle between Vincent, Catherine, and Joe but they go that route using Elliot Birch which kind of made me sad. He was a really good man and someone I could have seen Catherine getting with if it were not for Vincent. Sad we did not see any of this except for Joe's confession that he loved Catherine in a third season episode AFTER Cathy's demise! Getting back to this episode though. It was sad watching Joe get his heart broke and he deserved so much more than that lady could ever give him. He did learn his lesson in the end so that was good.moreless
Isabella Hofmann

Isabella Hofmann

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Milo O'Shea

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Herb Edelman

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David Greenlee


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    • Vincent: I have something for you. I wanted to give you something from my world, something for you to carry with you...A keepsake. (Vincent hands her a crystal)
      Catherine: Vincent, it's beautiful!
      Vincent: It comes from our deepest chamber. It reminds me of a piece of eternity.
      Catherine: I'll cherish it...I wanted you to have a part of me to hold close. When I was little, I was terrified of the dark, and I used to have an awful time falling asleep. My mother gave me this rose, and she told me that, whenever I got frightened, to hold the rose, and think of her, and to know that wherever she was, she was thinking of me. It helped me to go to sleep...Until you came into my life, Vincent, I'd forgotten how it felt to know that there is someone thinking of me...Someone who knows who I am...Someone that I'm connected to.
      Vincent: Every moment since that night, I'm reminded of what a gift life is.

    • Mouse: What's it like, Vincent, to have a love?
      Vincent: People have been searching for the words for centuries. I think that for each person it must be something different. For was the beginning of a new life...and the end of my aloneness.

    • Catherine: I really thought we had this case wrapped up.
      Joe: Hey, kiddo, we didn't knock their sock off, but I definitely think we got both shoes untied.

    • Father: Narcissa and her wild tales...why this interest in mystical caverns?
      Vincent: Actually, I am in search of a gift.
      Father: For Catherine?
      Vincent: It's been a year since she first came into my life.
      Father: I just shudder to think what the next year may bring...You know, Vincent, I used to rue the day that you two met.
      Vincent: I know.
      Father: I never dreamed I'd one day look on Catherine...with the fondness that I do.
      Vincent: It's been a time filled with things we never dreamed of...It's been the most miraculous year of my life.
      Father: You know, you two share something quite extraordinary...Something that touches the best in all of us.
      Vincent: To hear those words coming from you, it must.
      Father: You mean, there's still hope, even for an old man like me?
      Vincent: Always.

    • Father: Vincent, come and take a look at these, Mouse's diagram for his new project...A ventilation system for the deepest chambers. Conceptually brilliant, but quite impossible to execute. Still, I suppose even Da Vinci had his off days.

    • Catherine: (to Dr. Sanderle about scar) Its been the most wonderful year of my life.

    • (Music play's in the background, as Catherine is lighting candles. She feels Vincent's presence, near, turning around, they look deep into eachothers eyes.)

      Catherine: It was a year ago tonight.
      Vincent: How remarkable you are to remember such a dark moment. (Spreading out his arms)
      Catherine: This is a time for celebration. I found hope, again, that night. I found you.

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