Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 2

Terrible Savior

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 1987 on CBS
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A subway slasher that kills with claws and leaves the victims looking as if they were mauled by a bear is on the prowl. When Catherine finds out about the case she begins to suspect that perhaps Vincent is the slasher. This lack of trust begins to strain their relationship. Meanwhile, the real culprit, begins to get uncomfortable when Catherine begins to investigate him.moreless

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  • After a very interresting and promissing first episode,that second one is rather mediocre.The magic of the first episode is completely absent and there is a total lack of real storyline.I understand why Hamilton felt bored after two sasons playing this.moreless

    In this second episode of the serie,there are numberous very violent murders that occurs in the subway of the City of New-York.In fact,the victims are simply massacred,slaughtered in a such way that we could believe they were really attacked by a wild beast.So in those conditions,since she has to investigate about those killings,Cathy is led to suspect Vincent of having commited those criminals acts.This suspicion and lack of confidence brings their relationship to be seriously compromised since Vincent is upset and Catherine is distrustful and afraid of Vincent.However,during her investigation Cathy comes to confront the real killer and Vincent still comes to her rescue.moreless

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    • Catherine: How can one man have so much courage and empathy and passion...and so little mercy?
      Vincent: Perhaps he lost it somewhere...but he found it again in the end.

    • Vincent: They hunt for this man as they might hunt for me, if they dreamed of my existence... By what right do I condemn him? Am I so very different?
      Catherine: Yes, Vincent, you are.

    • Vincent: There is enough fear in your world. I could never bring you more.
      Catherine: Forgive me for doubting you.
      Vincent: Catherine, you have a right to be afraid.
      Catherine: My heart knows how gentle you are.
      Vincent: Even the gentlest man has a demon locked inside of him.
      Catherine: Not you, not a demon.

    • Jason: You know, the city has its own myths. We're all so rational, so sophisticated and so cynical but we still need our gods and demons, our heroes and villains. I...knew a man used to work the IRT. He swore he saw a monster down there once, when he was troubleshooting some track. You hear the street people talk about it, too. Some terrible, fierce creature who haunts the dark places. Some...thing with the face of a demon and the soul of an angel.
      Catherine: You can't possibly believe that, can you?
      Jason: They believe it. Don't you see? Because they need to believe. Inside, we're all children, scared of the dark, wishing there really was a Batman.

    • Father: It's Catherine, isn't it?
      Vincent: I can hear her fears whispering to me no matter where I stand.
      Father: She cannot help being afraid, Vincent. Her world is built on fear. It's all they know. With the lives they are forced to lead, if they weren't afraid, they'd be insane.
      Vincent: And us?
      Father: We have something they only dream of: a safe place, a secret place, beyond their madness and their fear.
      Vincent: Sometimes, I would run down here when we played hide and seek. But before the game was over, Father, they always found me. Even here.

    • Catherine: I had to come. I had to see you. I was afraid...
      Vincent: I know.
      Catherine: You didn't come. I called. I banged on the pipes...You never came.
      Vincent: I could feel your fear, Catherine. Even now, I frighten you.
      Catherine: You taught me to face my fears, always, Vincent. Tell me...
      Vincent: What shall I tell you? That I am not this shadow, this man-monster that you hunt? Must you hear the words before you trust? Hear them then, it is not me. Catherine, I would never hurt you.
      (Catherine takes an involuntary step backwards)
      Catherine: No, Vincent, no... I did not mean to...
      Vincent: To pull away? I know. I know your heart, Catherine, but sometimes the words that are not spoken are the truest words of all. (barely audible)... they hurt.
      Catherine: What are you saying?
      Vincent: We both know what these hands can do, have done. Catherine, if your heart does not trust then no words I could speak could help.

    • Vincent: The ways change, Catherine. For every safe road, there are hundreds of paths that lead only to darkness.

    • Cleaning Lady: His face. His hands. He did not have hands, just claws. And his face. I will never forget that face. He was not a man. He wasn't a human man at all. He was like an angel... a terrible angel come to save me.

    • Issac: Talk to him. Ask him. Go where the man lives and look him dead in the eye. But... first you better be really sure about one thing... be real sure I wanted to know.

    • Catherine: Issac, if you thought... if you even suspected, that this vigilante was someone you knew, a friend... What would you do?

    • Jason: (to Catherine) We have ourselves, our courage, our strength, our compassion. We have each other. And... now we have him... Whoever the hell he is.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Catherine's reference to Jason's immortality, waiting until he is needed again "Like King Arthur" alludes to one of the myriad legends of Arthur which states that the king will rise again when he is needed. It's derived from Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur (Death of Arthur) - 1470.