Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 14

The Alchemist

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 1988 on CBS
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Paracelsus, a former friend of Father's who has been exiled, has been selling a deadly hallucinatory drug in the world above. Meanwhile, Catherine has volunteered to go undercover on this ongoing drug investigation and turns to Vincent for help. Father and Vincent soon must decide how to handle Paracelsus.


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  • Say no to drugs! Drugs are bad!

    Say no to drugs! Drugs are bad...even if they are sparkly and glittery! Main reason why I liked this episode was because of Vincent's trip to Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds! A drugged up Vincent is a strange sight to behold. Of course Dante's Gates of Hell had to be shown. This is Vincent we're talking about who is a very well read man but the confusing part was why Catherine was behind those doors beckoning him?! Maybe it was meant to continue following her could lead to his ruin or to hers which taking how tragic her fate was could be accepted as another foreshadowing. Then again maybe Vincent was just tripped out and it meant absolutely nothing. Of course Catherine is the only one who can bring him out of it.moreless
Joey Aresco

Joey Aresco

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James Avery (I)


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Dana Gladstone


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    • Vincent: Catherine, I understand why you expose yourself to danger.
      Catherine: Because there are some risks worth taking.
      Vincent: And there are some things worth risking everything for.

    • Vincent: Paracelsus.
      Paracelsus: Vincent.
      Vincent: You know my name?
      Paracelsus: I know more about you than you think...
      Vincent: I don't wish to harm you. But you must leave this place.
      Paracelsus: Leave? By whose judgement?
      Vincent: Mine.
      Paracelsus: What does Falstaff say? That "the better part of valor is discretion"? Of course I will. I will do as you say. But wouldn't you like to hear me first? Or are you content to accept Father's story? Found as a babe outside St. Vincent's hospital? Did you really believe that all these years?...I know the truth. Aren't you at all curious to know why you are the way you are?

    • Vincent: You can't understand how I feel.
      Father: It is not your responsibility to decide...
      Vincent: It is mine! I have seen the demons Paracelsus has unleashed, felt them inside of me. How can I explain...become if the dark side of your imagination eclipses all compassion, all dignity...I must go...

    • Catherine: What is it, Vincent? What are you thinking?
      Vincent: How ashamed I am, that you saw me as I was. How grateful I am that you were there. You saved my life, Catherine.

    • Vincent: We are all agreed that what is at stake here is the greater good of both worlds. Some coarse of action, anything, is better then to allow all that we are, all that we have built be held hostage to one man's evil.

    • Vincent: Catherine, you must live according to your conscience, just as we must live according to the laws that have allowed us to survive.

    • Paracelsus: Am I wrong, or is this place beyond your influence? Isn't that why I'm exile?
      Father: I was only asking-
      Paracelsus: Asking?! Asking? Tell me, what right do you have to ask me anything? What power do you bring here?

    • Paracelsus: What was your little idea? A family of according to a higher standard. How uninspired, Jacob, how small-minded. We could have been gods, you and I.

    • Paracelsus: 'Father.'...I imagine you like that. It gives you all the authority you need, without making you sound like a despot...But underneath everything, you're no different from me.
      Father: I am different.

    • Paracelsus: So they call you Father now. I heard it through the pipes. Ingenious idea, communicating on those pipes.
      Father: Yes, it was ingenious...of you, John.

    • Father: John?
      Paracelsus: How did you find me?
      Father: We've always known where you were. We have looked in on you from time to time.
      Paracelsus: Your compassion will kill you one day, Jacob.
      Father: It wasn't compassion. It was self-interest-making sure you didn't try to return.

    • Vincent: Who can this be, Father?
      Father: A man...No one you know. We banished him from this place before you were born. It was our first real test of government. His name was John Pater, but he called himself Paracelsus.
      Vincent: The alchemist?
      Father: Yes, John's model...philosopher, scientist, magician...and John was all of those things. A large part of what we have created here we owe to him.
      Vincent: What happened?
      Father: What happened? I don't know. I think, perhaps, in trying to seek knowledge, he began to desire power.
      Vincent: And so, you exiled him.
      Father: He wouldn't go at first. Finally, he was forcibly taken beyond the perimeter.
      Vincent: And now? Do you know where he is now? (Father nods)

    • Vincent: Catherine, since that night when I found you in the park, I've felt in you, time and again, a need to confront your fear...As you did last night.
      Catherine: Why are you telling me this?
      Vincent: I don't want what happened to you to cause you to take unnecessary risks.
      Catherine: Vincent, they needed my help.
      Vincent: You survived once.
      Catherine: It's because I survived then that I'm doing this that others are spared.

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