Beauty and the Beast

Season 2 Episode 11

The Outsiders

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 1989 on CBS



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    • Vincent: (voice over) That night, she truly walked alone. And deep within me I felt the cold and terrible truth of all that kept us apart. Fate had left me adrift, with no wind to carry me to the safe shores of her love.

    • Catherine: Talk to me, Vincent.
      Vincent: Nothing to say.
      Catherine: What you did was necessary... Let me share your pain.
      Vincent: How can you even look at me?
      Catherine: Because I know you. I know who you are.
      Vincent: You do not know me.
      Catherine: Vincent, there are dark places in all of us.
      Vincent: A part of me feeds in that darkness. And I am lost in it... Leave me now... please.
      Catherine: I love you.

    • William: We must strike back. Hard. We have the means. We have each other... And we have something else... We have you, Vincent.
      Father: You would send Vincent out to do murder?!
      William: I would do what is necessary!

    • William: This is cowardice!
      Vincent: There is no shame in making sacrifices for something you believe in strongly, William.
      William: I believe in the children. I believe in the life we have built here.
      Mary: So do we.
      William: And yet you'd see it destroyed? Changed without a fight?
      Vincent: No one will ever destroy this place.

    • Father: (to Catherine about the gun) We need a way to... to discourage these people from further violence. We cannot allow them to control our lives with fear... I pray it will never be used as anything more than a threat. But perhaps that threat will keep him and us safe.

    • Father: That is not who you are to us.
      Vincent: That is who I am... perhaps even my fate. The very part of me that I struggle to overcome gives me the power to protect the people who protect me- who give me life.
      Father: Vincent, that is not your fate.
      Vincent: My survival depends on this world. There is no other choice for me. For me there is no other place, Father.

    • Vincent: You will let me go out to do what must be done? Whatever must be done?
      Father: I pray that won't be necessary.
      Vincent: So do I.

    • Father: ...Is it justice you are seeking... or vengeance? ...Or do you presume them all guilty? Our strength lies in our unity.
      William: You're making a serious mistake. Your letting ideas get in the way of what's obvious. More blood will be spilled.
      Vincent: Part of what William says is true.
      Father: A violent confrontation with these people must be avoided.
      Vincent: And when violence can no longer be avoided?
      Father: Only then. When there is no other option.
      Vincent: And when that time comes Father, you won't hesitate?
      Father: Of course, I won't hesitate.

    • Father: This world was built on the foundation of fairness and respect for all. No, we do not renounce violence all together. If we are attacked, we will fight to protect our home, but we will never instigate that violence! And I will not allow this community to be dragged down to that level!
      William: We've tried diplomacy and look where that got us. Now is the time for action...Our strength is in our numbers. We could overwhelm them. Drive them out.
      Father: Drive them out at what risk?
      William: No greater risk than we are facing now.

    • Mary: Kindness has always been our first impulse.
      Father: In this case, our kindness couldn't have been more misguided.

    • Catherine: Who are they?
      Vincent: We don't know. Perhaps a family.
      Catherine: Maybe I could do something.
      Vincent: No. You must stay away from the tunnels until the danger is past.
      Catherine: What does Father say?
      Vincent: He struggles to remain optimistic. I think he still believes these people can be moved by good will and reason.
      Catherine: But you don't think so?
      Vincent: No.
      Catherine: You think you know how it will end?
      Vincent: We are so vulnerable.
      Catherine: Then let me try to help.
      Vincent: No! You must stay away from it.
      Catherine: That world, those tunnels are part of my life, too... and so are you.
      Vincent: If the worst should happen, you mustn't be anywhere near.
      Catherine: If the worst happens, I want to be by your side, with you.
      Vincent: No! Not like that! Never again!
      Catherine: Vincent wait!

    • Father: Perhaps we can approach them. Talk to them.
      Mary: We can make them an offering of food and clothing. Our good will.
      Father: That is a fine idea... good. We'll make them a package. Anything we can spare. We'll offer to help.

    • Zach: I can carry that, Vincent. We'll be okay. You can catch up with us later. (twinkle in his eye)
      Catherine: He's sweet... Not too subtle... but sweet.
      Vincent: Zach know my time with you... is special.

    • Mr. Long: (to Catherine about the tunnels) There's not enough I could ever give them, or do for them, to return what they gave me.

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