Beauty and the Beast

Season 2 Episode 15

The Watcher

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 1989 on CBS

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  • Cathy's Near-death Experience

    It is Catherine and Vincent's two year anniversary of the night he found her and they first met. To celebrate, Cathy lights lots of candles around her balcony and in her apartment where a table is laid for two. According to my notes, Vincent has only entered Cathy's apartment just once during this entire series, in Season One's "An Impossible Silence" (Laura's men track Cathy to her apartment and beat her up before Vincent arrives to scare them off before carrying a shaken Cathy to her bed) so this is a special night for them but it's ruined by the ringing of the telephone. Someone's watching them and he's not friendly. Vincent flees the balcony. Cathy closes her blinds. The threatening phone calls and anonymous notes increase. Cathy becomes very paranoid. This jerk knows about Vincent but she can't confide that part to Joe or her best friend, Jenny, who are both very worried about her. Joe continues to be a sweetheart after this pervert enters Cathy's apartment through an unlocked window while she's taking a shower to leave flowers and disturb her underwear drawer. Cathy hears him knock over her lipstick stand just as Joe knocks on her door. He calls the police for Cathy and a 24 hour locksmith. Vincent is nearby as well but Cathy is overwhelmed by foreboding that something bad is going to happen to her. She leaves the apartment, just missing Joe returning with a magazine and coffee to stand guard outside Cathy's door, just in case. The man, whose face we never see throughout the entire episode, finally catches up to Cathy with a chloroform-soaked cloth. He throws her into his car and drives away, tires squealing as a roaring Vincent attempts to stop him. The kidnapper drives to a wooded area with a small lake while Vincent takes his usual subway route. The man dumps Cathy in the trunk and pushes the car into the water. As Cathy slowly drowns, her spirit passes into the next world where the silhouettes of her parents are waiting to greet her with open arms before Vincent, in super-slow-mo, runs in and sweeps her into his arms, rescuing her from an early, watery grave. Cut to emergency personnel swarming the scene, gathering evidence while a shivering Cathy, wearing Vincent's black cloak for warmth, greets Joe who is very relieved to see her alive and okay. Back at Cathy's apartment, she dismisses Joe and Jenny, insisting she's fine and wants to be alone. Of course, we know Vincent is waiting for her outside on the balcony so they can pick up where they left off, after he pulled her out of the water. Ends with Cathy trying again to throw an anniversary celebration with Vincent who comments if anyone is watching them they'll just smile and give their blessing on their very special relationship. This episode is also featured in the tie-in paperback novelization, Masques, by Ru Emerson.
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