Beauty and the Beast

Season 3 Episode 1

Though Lovers Be Lost (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 1989 on CBS



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    • Father: You mustn't let fear eclipse logic.
      Vincent: Fear is all I have left to feel!
      Father: What about hope?
      Vincent: She is gone, Father, without a word or a sign! My sense of her.
      Father: Your empathic connection will return, Vincent. I am sure of it.
      Vincent: And until then?
      Father: Until then you must have patience and faith, Vincent. (Vincent glares) Those are powerful healers.
      Vincent: Patience?! Faith?!
      Father: For now that is all that you can do.
      Vincent: All that I can do is not enough!
      Father: Vincent, tell me... please, tell me what I can say to give you solace?
      Vincent: You can say 'You can change what is happening.' I should have never come to you and burdened you with this. (Storms out)
      Father: Vincent!

    • (Catherine's dream)
      Vincent: A child?
      Catherine: Yes!
      Vincent: What kind of child?
      Catherine: An extraordinary child.

    • Catherine: It's a new journal.
      Vincent: It's very beautiful.
      Catherine: It seemed appropriate.
      Vincent: Yes, it is.
      (Inscription in journal: "With love all things are possible. Forever, Catherine.")

    • Catherine: Just open your arms. (they embrace)
      Vincent: Now tell me... tell me what is troubling you.
      Catherine: Another time. Don't worry.

    • Vincent: More than once it saved your life.
      Catherine: Maybe the gift will return to you in another form, something you never dreamed of. Vincent, your power was extraordinary, but it has nothing to do with what we are together, what we feel for each other, that is our connection. And if one gift is lost, there are other gifts waiting to be found. Believe me... Vincent, there are so many gifts waiting for you... all you have to do is... just open your arms and receive them.
      Vincent: I believe you.

    • Catherine: What is different now?
      Vincent: It's gone.
      Catherine: What is gone?
      Vincent: Our connection... our connection, our bond.
      Catherine: It will return.
      Vincent: No. I don't think so.
      Catherine: Have faith that it will.
      Vincent: It is lost to me. I know.
      Catherine: How do you know? Why do you say that?
      Vincent: Because it is the price... price I must pay for this... new peace, new contentment... But Catherine, what have I lost?
      Catherine: I don't think that it is lost. Even if it is, it was a gift... That power was a gift. It came to you in a life when it was needed, you used it, and perhaps it is no longer needed.

    • Catherine: Vincent ... What is it? Are you all right?
      Vincent: Yes.
      Catherine: I need to talk to you.
      Vincent: I can see that you do... There was a time that I would have come to you.
      Catherine: What do you mean? I don't expect you to.
      Vincent: Catherine, I look on your face and I can see your unrest... There was a time when I could have felt it... (hand on heart) here. Feel what you were feeling, everything... across a city... across a continent. Now I have to wait for you to tell me... There was a time when I could feel you coming to me, feel you nearing the tunnels. There was a source of great joy radiating from you, filling me with joy... Tonight, I waited until the sentries sent me a message to tell me that you were here.

    • Nurse: (to Catherine) You're pregnant.

    • Catherine: (at concert) How do you feel?
      Vincent: There are no words.
      Catherine: Try one.
      Vincent: Blessed.

    • Father: (at park entrance) I believe that is Andromeda, if I am not mistaken.
      Vincent: Huh. No, that is Cassiopeia. Do you see the chair?
      Father: Now, I am the one whose memory is failing. You are obviously feeling better.
      Vincent: Yes, I am.
      Father: We were all praying, Vincent.
      Vincent: Father, what happened to me? What happened to me in that dark cavern? I have no memory. None.
      Father: You were in a terrifying state... such agony and rage. I don't think I have been more afraid in all my life... for you... for all of us. But Catherine went in and brought you back, she went in that dark place alone.

    • Catherine: Do you feel like a stranger to me?
      Vincent: No... Not you... You are the woman I love.
      Catherine: I'm glad.
      Vincent: But there are things... things in my mind that I can't reach... I reach for words, but they are not there.
      Catherine: Vincent, the words will come.
      Vincent: Names.
      Catherine: I wouldn't worry.
      Vincent: Your name.
      Catherine: My name? You mean you can't...? (Vincent sadly nods) Catherine.
      Vincent: Yes. (smiles as memories surface)
      Catherine: Vincent, don't worry. I won't let you forget.

    • Catherine: How are you feeling?
      Vincent: I'm not sure.
      Catherine: Try to tell me.
      Vincent: Like a stranger.
      Catherine: What feels unfamiliar?
      Vincent: Many things... many things I can't... I don't remember.

    • Catherine: You have been a wonderful friend, Joe. And I never meant to be anything less than truthful with you.
      Joe: But...
      Catherine: I have been... less than truthful.
      Joe: You mean about the flu?
      Catherine: About my personal life. There are things that you don't know, things that I do not share with anyone.
      Joe: Well, we all have our secrets.
      Catherine: There is someone in my life that I care very deeply for, someone that I love.
      Joe: Oh... well... That's great, Radcliffe.
      Catherine: He's been going through a difficult time lately.
      Joe: What is the problem?
      Catherine: He is not well.
      Joe: I'm sorry. Is there anything that I can do?
      Catherine: I don't know. I'm praying.
      Joe: I'm glad you told me this.
      Catherine: You have a heart like his.

    • Vincent: I don't remember this place.
      Father: This is your home. This is your chamber.
      Catherine: You are among people who love you. Sleep now.

    • Mouse: (waiting outside the cave) So quiet.
      Pascal: How much longer?
      Father: I am going in. (in the cave) How is he?
      Catherine: He is alive.

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