Beauty and the Beast

Season 3 Episode 2

Though Lovers Be Lost (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 1989 on CBS

Episode Recap

As the child grows inside of Catherine, Vincent begins to have strange dreams. He doesn't know what they are at first, but eventually he figures out that they are related to Catherine. He begins to look for her again. Meanwhile Catherine goes into labor. She tries to hide it by not making any noise. Eventually her captors figure it out and tie her down in a chair to deliver the baby. Vincent has entered the building where she is. Now all he has to do is find her. Catherine gives birth to a little boy. She begs to see him as Vincent frantically searches for her. They refuse to let her see the baby. They take the child and escape after they have given her a shot of poison that will kill her. Just as the helicoptor takes off Vincent reaches the roof, but he is too late. He still hasn't found Catherine. Suddenly he turns as he hears her call out to him. He runs to her as she begins to fall. She tells him that there is a child. He seems surprised, but now he knows that he is a father. As she lies in his arms dying she begins to recite a poem that they both love. As Vincent says the second line of the poem she dies. He then finishes the poem and holds her to him as begins to cry for the love that he once shared with this woman. Knowing that their dream is over that it only lives on in their child. At least with the baby he could have a piece of Catherine besides what he carried in his heart that he could never lose. He had to find his son.