Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 20

To Reign in Hell

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 1988 on CBS
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Catherine receives an unexpected visitor on her balcony, a visitor who hardly turns out to be Vincent but a servant of Paracelsus who sets into motion a plan to lure Vincent to a lower section of tunnels in order to kill him and then proceed to overthrow Father and take over the Tunnel World.moreless

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  • Not one of my faves but the boat ride was romantic and good luck James Avery in your role in Fresh Prince!

    I didn't particularly like this episode all that much. Of course we are not through with Paracelsus so he arranges a kidnapping (Catherine) to lure Vincent to the deeper tunnels where he domains. So sad to see James Avery's character to go though. I like him even if he was very opinionated and often in the wrong he meant well but I guess if was meant to be. If he'd stayed we might have missed his hilarious character Philip Banks in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I really didn't like the fact they later bring in an almost exact copy of him in the cook though. More depth please. He should have been one of a kind! The only part I really, really liked was the scene where Vincent and Catherine travel home on a boat through an underground river. Very beautiful and romantic. :)moreless
James Avery (I)

James Avery (I)


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John Minton

John Minton


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Tony Jay

Tony Jay


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Beah Richards

Beah Richards


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Armin Shimerman

Armin Shimerman


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    • Paracelsus: I was exiled from my home, from the world I created, by the man you call Father. Even then, he wouldn't allow me to live in peace.
      Catherine: I know the story. Fifty people died because of you.
      Paracelsus: I killed no one. They died because they were fools.
      Catherine: They were weak. There's a difference!

    • Catherine: Why? Why have you brought me here?
      Paracelsus: Must there be a reason?
      Catherine: Yes.

    • Father: I know Paracelsus. As twisted as his mind may be, it's still very complex, filled with designs and structures. No, Vincent, I assure you; that if he intended to kill Catherine, he would have done so already... He's luring you, calling you away from this place of safety.
      Vincent: I have no choice but to try and find her.
      Father: I know.
      Vincent: Why is he doing this, Father?
      Father: Why? Because in his mind you are the one person that prevents his return to this world, a world which he still considers to be his own. Know the consequences of this action may stretch far beyond Catherine... The whole future of what we have built here is in balance. Vincent, you must be careful. Expect anything. Remember, Paracelsus has misled you before.
      Vincent: I haven't forgotten.

    • Pascal: I studied everything he ever wrote. The early manuals were brilliant. Codes, schematics... It's hard to believe he's the same man.
      Vincent: Paracelsus is not the same man.
      Pascal: Oh, I know that. It still makes me sad... All that intellect and energy, just...
      Winslow: You got a heart like a soft-boiled egg, you know that?

    • Pascal: Um...
      Winslow: What is it?
      Pascal: I don't think I can make this jump.
      Winslow: I can't hear you.
      Pascal: I said I don't think I can make this jump! OK?!
      Winslow: You're afraid, aren't you?
      Pascal: I'm not afraid- I'm just not... especially fond of heights.
      Winslow: Okaaay... How about if I count to three, and if your butt's not off of here by then I'll push you. One... two... THREE! (Pascal jumps)
      Pascal: (down the rope) Winslow!
      Winslow: (eyeing the rope) Yeah! Yeah! I'm coming... Shoulda gone on that diet. Well, it's too late now!

    • Vincent: (after hearing Narcissa's warning) She is my life. I am bound by my heart to go on.
      Narcissa: Vincent, the man, who you know as Paracelsus... He is not alone. There are those down here who follow him, protect him. They are the simple ones, the lost ones.

    • Catherine: I am not afraid.
      Paracelsus: You will be. You see, Vincent is also coming here to watch you die.

    • Paracelsus: Ah, but you're not weak, are you, Catherine? You're strong. Intrepid.

    • Vincent: (speaking Winslow's eulogy) So, you see... Winslow knew the truth all along. He valued love enough to die for it, as something worth protecting at any cost. he knew it as the force to bind us together, and in the end, his death allowed our love to live.

    • Vincent: Catherine... On the journey, I felt for the first time, as if somehow you were lost to me. I knew you were in danger and yet I could sense no fear.
      Catherine: I was afraid, Vincent, but I couldn't allow myself to feel the fear.
      Vincent: You didn't want to draw me.
      Catherine: I couldn't.
      Vincent: You would sacrifice so much...
      Catherine: I would sacrifice everything, for you... What Paracelsus said about your past-
      Vincent: Before I left, Father told me something that I am just now beginning to understand. He said that there is a truth beyond knowledge... beyond everything you could ever hope to know.
      Catherine: Yes.
      Vincent: And that truth is... love.

    • Paracelsus: Now it is your turn to listen. To know my pain, my grief of seeing the only things I ever loved torn away...but it wasn't just me... there were others... You. You were betrayed Vincent. You call him 'Father' but it was I who found you, wrapped you in rags, starving. It was I who named you 'Vincent". And it was I who cared fro you all of those months. Even Father didn't think you'd live. But I-I fed you. I... bathed you. And you did live. Don't you see, Vincent? He wouldn't let me take you. When I was exiled he made me leave you behind! I loved you. You were mine... You don't believe me.
      Vincent: What would you have me believe... that you loved... and are now capable of this?
      Paracelsus: Now is the time for retribution!
      Vincent: Then... you never really knew love.

    • Paracelsus: Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.
      Vincent: Paracelsus.
      Paracelsus: Milton, actually.

    • Paracelsus: You're really not afraid to die, are you?
      Catherine: No.
      Paracelsus: Not even as you watch the stage being built... Don't you feel anything?
      Catherine: Sadness.
      Paracelsus: About dying?
      Catherine: About you. About the world you helped create. Vincent has told me. Your vision. Your ideals. All wasted.
      Paracelsus: All taken from me.
      Catherine: Still wasted. Now all you want to do is destroy... Something. Someone you don't even know.
      Paracelsus: Then you perceive my life to be...contradictory.
      Catherine: No, tragic.
      Paracelsus: Don't you see? It doesn't end with your death, or Vincent's. This is only the beginning.
      Catherine: The beginning? Of what?
      Paracelsus: Reclaiming what is mine. After all these years, I've decided to go home!

    • Paracelsus: Vincent is close.
      Catherine: I know.

    • Vincent: (Winslow's eulogy) Winslow loved all of us fiercely. We were his family. Nothing could ever change that for him. Not conflict, nor anger...not even death. Winslow will always be a part of us, in our hearts. Let us remember him for his strength and his courage...He'll continue to live through us, through our memory of him. (inaudible) Now is the time to mourn...and the pain will soften, I promise.

    • Winslow: Vincent...I want you to know that I'm not just doing this because of Paracelsus. It's for Catherine, too, she's...a good woman. I always said that. What's between you two is something I've never felt, myself. But seeing it- I know it's real. I believe in it.

    • Winslow: So what's on your mind?
      Vincent: I'm just...thinking. Wondering.
      Winslow: About Catherine.
      Vincent: If she's really in danger, why can't I feel her fear?
      Winslow: We'll get her back, don't worry.

    • Winslow: I remember Paracelsus from when I was a kid. Times were bad, resources were scarce, people were scared. Paracelsus took advantage. Oh, he was convincing. Smart. People started to follow him.
      Vincent: Not Father.
      Winslow: He was the one that saved us. He reminded us that we were a family...that we had to stand by each other. Oh, you'd have been proud of him. His strength. His conviction! Without him...
      Vincent: Paracelsus might have prevailed.
      Winslow: But... he was never the same after that.
      Vincent: Why?
      Winslow: Because once, they were friends.

    • Catherine: What do you want?
      Paracelsus: Once a person is visited by violence, everything changes. Isn't that so?
      Nietzsche said, "That which does not kill me, makes me stronger." Well, I am stronger now!
      Catherine: You still haven't answered my question.
      Paracelsus: Vincent is the answer to your question. He is all that stands between Father and me, in more ways than one. (Shows Catherine burns on his face) And this is why I must destroy him.

    • Vincent: (narrating) Our world is in mourning now... Though it is painful, each of us must try to find meaning in what has come to pass. We must find hope in this time of great sorrow and sacrifice. We must never forget what has happened or why, so that the story will live always and so that one day you can tell your own children... It began a long time ago, when our world was very young. There was a man, who, with Father helped plant the very seeds of our civilization. But even his evil side began to grow, until it overshadowed all that was good. He was banished, yet we were never truly free of him. And then one night, his evil visited the world Above...

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