Beauty and the Geek Australia

Thursday 8:30 PM on Seven Network Premiered Oct 08, 2009 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Season 4, Episode 9 - Grand Final
    • Season 4, Episode 8 - Semi Final

      The beauties unleash their inner geek when they go for a job interview in their geek's area of expertise, while the geeks unleash their inner cowboy in a Country & Western themed challenge, with a spot in the Grand Final on the line.

    • Season 4, Episode 7

      The beauties take a muddy maths test before a shocking twist allows one eliminated team to return to the game. For the returning geek, it is an opportunity for a much-needed makeover, before the geeks bear all while the beauties have an uncomfortable experience.

    • Season 4, Episode 6 - Makeover Episode

      The remaining geeks receive their makeovers, after which they have to take a complete stranger on a date, unaware that the strangers are related to their beauties. Meanwhile, the beauties go around the world in a geography challenge with painful consequences.

    • Season 4, Episode 5

      The beauties and the geeks team up for a beauty pageant, with the geeks modelling and the beauties answering various questions, with a makeover awaiting the top two geeks at the end. But another shocking twist is revealed at the Nomination Ceremony, when the two winning teams are given the option but not the obligation to nominate - creating a scenario where one team could potentially eliminate another team just by nominating.

    • Season 4, Episode 4

      The geeks face up against a professional wrestler hungry for blood, as they battle to continue on in the game. Meanwhile, the beauties take a test of etiquette which involves a disgusting meal, before the biggest twist of the competition is unveiled at the Nomination Ceremony.

    • Season 4, Episode 3

      The geeks have to call on their tough side for this week's challenge, leading to some comical consequences. Meanwhile, the beauties and geeks attempt to break the World Record for the longest hug, resulting in the first ever nomination with two teams collaborating. And the identity of the millionaire geek is finally revealed.

    • Season 4, Episode 2

      The beauties face a tough challenge as they are tested on their spelling abilities, while the geeks have to arrange an entire photo shoot from scratch with their beauties as their models. Meanwhile, a new romance blossoms in the mansion.

    • Season 4, Episode 1

      The fourth season gets underway as ten new beauties and ten new geeks enter the mansion. The beauties are quickly tested on how well they know their geek, when they are tasked with identifying their partner solely through the sense of touch. Meanwhile, a James Bond reenactment for the geeks has some facing their fears in a battle to avoid being the first couple sent home.

  • Season 3
  • Season 2
  • Season 1