Beauty and the Geek

Season 4 Episode 8

A Look Back

Aired Unknown Oct 30, 2007 on The CW

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  • It isn't worth watching if you follow the show every week

    This episode was boring, even for a recap episode. It seemed like they either didn't show any new footage, or whatever they did show was so insignificant that I could not remember if I had seen it before. There was basically no point in watching this episode if you had seen the rest of the season. I also didn't like parts of it where they talked about who had a chrush on who. I was excited for this, and I feel like they should have just showed us a few chrushes so it had more of an impact. They showed us so many that it seemed like it included people who may have said someone else was cute one time. I also didn't like the argueing scenes between teammates. It is boring and it just starts to get old. One thing I did like about the episode was how they showed what people were saying in the confessional room. It was good to get their perspective and some of them were entertaining.