Beauty and the Geek

Season 4 Episode 13

And the Winner Is...

Aired Unknown Dec 04, 2007 on The CW

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  • The entire cast is brought back before a live studio audience. The experiment has evolved and this time America has voted which team has transformed the most during the social experiment.

    The fourth season of Beauty and the Geek provides new twists and changes to breathe more life into the series. For the first time, the social experiment has added a male beauty and female geek (Sam & Nicole). In addition, for the first time, the decision on who made the greatest transformation was left up to viewer's votes. A total of 1 million dollars has been given away through the series' four seasons. Each season has been different from the last, with more evolution in this, the Fourth Season Finale. Beauty and the Geek consistently provide entertainment, and allow the teams in the house, as well as the viewers at home to learn from each other. Of all the reality shows on television, Beauty and the Geek is, by far, the most social responsible.
  • I was very surprised but truly happy with the results.

    I am so glad Dave and Jasmine won. They were so deserving of it instead of the other couple. With Sam being an actor from so many movies since he was young. I did not feel he deserved to win at all. A person with intelligence and acting ability, to go on as a contestant is wrong on so many levels. I did not feel that was fair to Nicole who did go the show fairly. Ever one I know recognized Sam immediately, so I know that many other people must have too. Dave and Jasmine really worked hard and accomplished so much together including the fact that Dave did not even want to be with Jasmine at first. I also loved the reunion and a chance to see how they were all doing with their new life changes.
  • I didn't see that coming!

    I really thought Sam and Nicole should have won! I was shocked that they didn't! Dave and Jasmine? Please! Sam and Nicole were the couple to win. Imagine my shock at what I thought was a sure win! I really liked the way the show went though with the reunions and everyone getting together. It takes me a day or two to really process how I feel about a show. I really liked it in the end. It was pretty awesome watching everyone becoming friends. I can't wait until the next season to see if I pick the winner right barring no shocking turn of events! Great show. Keep it coming!
  • Reunion special + season finale = less money spent on this season.

    I normally love reunion specials, but this was cruel, making us sit through a reunion that's suppose to come after we know who the winners are. But tender moments were relived and we take a look at how the beauties and geeks change (e.g Natalie's brunette, Holly's planning to go back to school, and Josh got a makeover all on his own). But I think they just decided to combine the finale and reunion to spend less money. Good for the network, bad for us.

    In the end, Dave and Jasmine take the title. I didn't see that coming, I thought for that Sam and Nicole would take it. But no big deal, they were underdogs and sometimes underdogs take it.
  • The winner is announced after a pretty typical reunion show

    This episode was a little boring because it was just recap and bland questions being asked. It did have some good parts though. I enjoyed seeing how it worked out between Sam and Rebecca, I liked how they had Joshua's mom on the show, and I liked how they showed us how soom of the geeks we had not seen in a while had changed. The whole episode I was just wondering who the winner would be. I was really happy to see Jasmine and Dave win. I feel like they improved a lot and deserved to win. Sam just seemed smarter than the beauties and I feel like he had an unfair advantage so I was really happy that he didn't win. America voting worked out well because it gave us a chance to see this reunion show.
  • The audience and tv audience got to see the former teams and what they thought of each other. Bad memories, good memories and apologies accepted. I wasn't expecting a certain team to loose/win but oh well.

    I thought Sam and Nicole should have won instead of Dave and Jasmine. It would have been a real twist if Sam and Nicole had won. But I guess after wathcing and reading about Dave and Jasmine they prolly deserve to win anyway. I am still upset...haha! So Sam and that other girl are gona go out? Hhmm....maybe they will do a follow up on that but I highly doubt it.

    I liked the way tonight's show was put together. All of the former teams were and we got to see some of the good and some of the bad. Apologizes were accepted all over tonight!
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