Beauty and the Geek

Season 4 Episode 4

Double Dare

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 2007 on The CW

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  • The guys try to win the girls hearts with gift baskets, and the girls learn about the heart and other parts of anatomy.

    This episoded had a cute theme of the heart, with the guys dealing with romance and the girls with the body. Having the guys pick out gift baskets was a cute idea. The one problem I had with it was it was too hard to see their baskets and how they did. I liked the girls challenge. It was a good way of testing to see how well they knew the anatomy. It is kind of annoying that the one team is winning everything, although I still like them. It was interesting to see how the other teams felt about them. It should get good because a lot of teams seem mad at them. I am not really loving the Rebecca Sam relationship. They spend too much time showing them and it defeats the purpose of the show. I was disapointed in the end because another likeable team left. I just hope it doesn't end up like last season, with the worst teams at the end. Oh, and another thing I don't like is how the elimination room only has 2 questions for each person now. That puts to much of it on luck. I think they should ask them the same questions and have them be there at different times. I would enjoy it more because it would actually allow us to compare them and we could see which person knew more.
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