Beauty and the Geek

Season 4 Episode 6

It's Good to Be King

Aired Unknown Oct 16, 2007 on The CW

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  • Most entertaining challenges ever

    I loved how the guys challenge was prom themed. It was so fun to see them all go to prom and ask people out. I liked the added twist of having two people stay home because it made it more interesting. No matter what the show is it is always fun when prom is involved. I loved seeing Josh dance, he is much better then I thought he would be. No suprise in the prom king winner, I would have definatly voted for him. I also loved the beauties challenge. It was fun to see how they approached teaching and how much they knew on the subject. I loved that Shay won even though she wasn't good at math. The one downer about this episode was that another good team left. Soon there will be no one left to route for.
  • Ah. The highly anticipated makeovers...

    Well I really liked this episode but I thought it could have been better too. John looked, of course, much much better. I always thought be would do good in the makeovers. Luke was as cute as ever. Not a huge change for him but he looked great. Joshua was still geeky but in an "aww he is such a cute little geek" way. I was shocked when I saw David. Not that he looked hot or anything, but he looked much better then before. The haircut and ditching the glasses helped him alot. And for some reason he looked much slimmer in those clothes which also really helped. William... yeah... didn't look different at all... Jessee looked ok but I really didn't care for the bleach hair color. Too bad Josh Bishop-Moser got eliminated. I think he would have looked really hot in the makeover. ;}
    I was sad when Luke and Katie were eliminated. I thought they were a good team. It seemed oddly too easy for Nicole and Sam. I really feel they have had it easy and I don't believe they are for real.
  • Character Development indeed: The Geeks get their makeovers!

    So I was really upset last week when Will and Rebecca got voted off. Just like I was upset when Hollie and Josh got voted off. The thing is, that for some weird reason, the episodes are edited in a way that focuses on couples and makes you think that you need to grow atached to them. They definitely did this with Will/Rebecca, Hollie/Josh, and Luke/Katie. It really upsets me because when Will and Rebecca were sent to the elimination room against William/Jen, I was like "Who the heck are William and Jen?" I had no clue they were even on the show! So I was like, "Will and Rebecca will win!" but then they didn't...

    Sadly, I knew that Luke and Katie were going home immediately after they were chosen to go to the elimination room. Sam and Nicole are the important team on this show, the producers will do whatever they can to keep them until the end. (SIDEBAR: I have a theory that on the question cards in the elimination room, it says "Question for Sam" with one question on it, and then below it says "Question for Katie." That's why Sam/Nicole's questions were easier).

    Now on to the challenges! I thought the Prom idea was an awesome way to show off the geeks' new makeovers, and it was definitely down to John and Luke, in my eyes. And the beauties' challenge was much more difficult than the geeks'. I definitely knew Shay was going to win because she incorporated the kids into the lesson. Sam did really well, but Shay was rightfully given the challenge.

    I thought that everyone's make over went really well, with the exception of Jesse and William. Jesse shouldn't have gotten his hair bleached, and William simply just shouldn't be on the show anymore. I feel sorry for Jen, honestly, because William is a douche bag. And I have a feeling that the two will be gone at the end of next episode. I thought the best two were John and Luke, hands down. I really liked that they gave Joshua much better glasses too. Nicole looked really good after the makeover as well, because her hair was darkened, and it was also layered now and put down instead of pulled back.

    Good episode all in all, it's just that all my favorite teams are being eliminated. I hope that Sam/Nicole, John/Natalie, and Shay/Joshua stay until the end. I like Erin too, but not Jesse.
  • Another couple-with-potential is eliminated.

    So, last week, one of the strongest couple Rebecca and Will were eliminated. I was very disappointed since the couple that stayed were kinda boring and the geek didn't have the same charm as Will has. So, now that my rant is over, let the reviewing begin! I love the challenges in this episode. It was very interesting to watch the beauties try to teach third graders. I love the looks the little kids would give the beauties. But there's always a beauty that does well. And that honor goes to Shay and Sam, but Shay ended up winning and saving Joshua and her from the elimination. It was also a makeover episode (one of my favorites!). Best makeovers? Luke (he ended up looking like Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl) and Nicole. Worst goes to Jesse, the bleached look doesn't work, and William, the red hair looks funny. Their challenge was to become prom king/queen. John ends up winning and dancing in the spotlight with Nicole (awww!). Sadly, Nicole and Sam and Luke and Katie were sent to elimination. Sam and Nicole breezed through the questions and sent Luke and Katie home. That's too bad, he got cute and everything.
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