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  • Amber

    I watch cycle 3, The elimination was not fair Amber clearly pressed her buzzer, yet it did not work for some reason, maybe that is a reason why ratings dropped, the producers should of played fair. She was very interesting.
  • Mwah!

    I love josh!
  • Loved this show. So sad its ended.

    I watched Beauty and the Geek faithfully every week. It was not only a great reality show, but it was a wholesome show as well. It showcased outer AND inner beauty from both the beauties and the geeks.
    One of my favorite aspects of the show was how the beauties and the geeks had to learn about things they were unfamiliar with. Beauties had to learn about things such as computers while geeks were taught about social graces and dating.
    Beauty and the Geek was an endearing show about people who broke out of their stereotypes and learned something now. I am so sad that it got canceled.
  • This show it hilarious.

    I really really really like this show! There is such a big difference between beauty's and geeks and i love how this show let us see that.

    I always start to watch from the begin of the season, but i it always a little confusing. There are just so many people and i don't always get the teams.

    Halfway trough the show it is getting better, there are less teams, hatred is starting to spread and the i found out how cute the geeks are. Then they are going to "remake" the geeks, and they always turn out to be really cute.

    Am i so sorry that the American serie ended, i can still watch the dutch version, but that is not nearly as much fun.
  • Amusing and entertaining! (^_^) ~XD~

    In overall, this show gives and has a meaningful lesson. It is great watching this show because the geeks act like dorks -I cannot expect less- it is almost astonishing. I am glad that some of the beauties discover that they do have clever minds. Those that do not have yet to discover them. The show was created to overcome stereotype beliefs that people in general have. It shows that there is more than just beauty whether it is good or bad. And each new season gets better. I love watching it whenever I can and I hope everyone does, too! ^_^
  • Out 8 Geeky guys and 8 Beautiful Women in the same house. Then put them on teams and make them work together, what do you get? You get a funny reality show with a pretty good moral for kids, Don't judge someone by their looks.

    Beauty and The Geek is funny reality show on the CW created by Ashton Kutcher. 8 Beautiful Women and 8 Geeky Guys are put into teams of 2, where they compete to win 250,000 dollars. Seasons 1-4 were funny and great to watch, but Season 5 turned me off of the show. In Season 1, Richard and Mindi put Beauty and the Geek on the map. Richard would drive Mindi and the rest of the house nuts. Richard's feuds with Chuck were funny and epic. Richard pretty much made the 1st season.

    Season 2 came with a boom as well. Lots of pretty girls and geeky guys. In season 2, they tried to find another Richard in Josh. Although Josh was much more normal and didn't cause trouble. He was funny though and carried a "Murse" (Man Purse) around with him at all times. During the make overs, the ladies found Wes very attractive. Wes even hooked up with Josh's partner Cher. Josh and Cher would go on to win the 250K.

    Season 3 might have been the best season of all. With the most love-able geek, Nate. Everyone loved Nate from the beginning, even a beauty, Jenny-Lee. Jennylee feel for Nate even before the make overs. Nate's partner Cici on the other hand was the most hated person in the house. Cici thought she was better than everyone and didn't treat anyone with respect. Nate and Cici made it to the finals were they went up against Megan and Scooter. In a twist of events the cast of the show voted for which couple they thought had changed the most. In a selfless act, Nate asked the others to vote for Megan and Scooter, because he feels that cici has learned nothing. Megan and Scooter went on to win, but Nate was the real man in season 3.

    Season 4 saw the first male beauty/female geek team, Sam and Nicole. In a fun filled season Sam and Nicole made it all the way to the finals on Sam's ability to beat the female beauties. The fans got to vote for the winners in this season and elected to go with the typical female beauty and male geek, declaring the winners David and Jasmine.

    The show was great until season 5, when they tried to hard changing the style of the show. I give the show an 8 out of 10 and hope Season 6 can rebound and make it an 8 out of 10 again!
  • Geeks and beauties are gathered at a mansion to pair up and work as a team. They have to compete in challenges to realize that they judge people by their covers and that this should stop.

    All in all, this show has a great meaning behind it. I love watching it because some of the geeks are so dorky that I almost cannot believe it, but then again; some of the beauties are so stupid that they make me laugh. This show was created to overcome judgements like these and make people realize that there's something more to people than their looks, either good or bad. The show has been getting better each season, but the best seasons were probably 3 & 4. I loved Nate and Jenny-Lee, a geek and a beauty who fell in love during the show and proved to everybody that people can change.
  • It will make you laugh. It will make you surprised. It will make you ashamed. It will make you impatient for the next episode. It will give you a new opinion on stereotypes. It might be the best reality show on televisio

    "Beauty and the Geek" is a great show with a meaning. Some people may feel ashamed by these people and our world, but you can't just watch five minutes of it to know. No, not all 'geeks' are necessarily losers. No, not all stunning 'beauties' are idiots. At first glance, you might think this is just some reality show that is making fun of these people. Well it can at times, but that's not the big idea. This is not just some reality show. It's a "social experiment". What happens when two totally different people must work together, resolve their differences, and change each other's lives... all on the path to a great cash prize? The typical answers seem to be doubtful. Sometimes things don't work out. But, a lot of the time things do. People change. A lot of them gain a special confidence they didn't have. Whether it be confidence in their mind or in the social life, everyone comes out with something in this show. Even if you don't 'win' in the end, you get a sentimental prize. This show is a fun, suspenseful show to watch that could definitely teach us a few things, including judging people.
  • Beauty and the geek is about a group of beautiful women and a bunch of geeky guys. A beauty and a geek get together and compete in challenges, the girls do brainy tasks and the guys do modern things. All the pairs try and compete for £20,000.

    I started watching beauty and the beast because i was switching through channels and i saw this and i pressed the information button to see what it was all about, so i was reading it and i thought it waas going to be rubbish but when i finished watching the whole programme, it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be in fact I put it on series link for the rest of the series, but it wasnt the most origional thing ever and to be honest not all the girls on the programme are not exactly what I would call a beauty, they just use alot of make-up and where fashionable clothes.
  • HAHAHA this is a classic!

    oh man this is soo funny has anyone seen teh episode when the geek dudes have to make like the girls a beauty room or wateva and then the girls had to attach a computer together that was funny! It's kind of like "America's next top model" if you think about it logically. It's a pretty stupid show in froms but then again so dumb it makes you laugh out loud! I mean if you like "America's next top model" i would reccomend this but then again i hate Tyra Banks she annoys me bad... It is a funny show like the guys have to think like the beauty and the girls have to think like geeks! Hahaha i put that good into works IM A GENIUS! PRAISE GOD!
  • Loved the show when it first ran, but am losing interest fast.

    Rather than improving, this show is losing ground. If you are going to bring in male beauties and female geeks, do it all the way--half men, half women. Having one couple reversed made that couple stand out from the pack and changed the competition, but not in a positive way. Also, there are so many beautiful people in the world that are not geeks, but are also not dense. Why do so many of the beauties have to be so dense? In addition, many of the so-called beauties are not all that beautiful. I can't believe this is the best you can do. There are many beautiful men and women of all races and nationalities, and it seems that the ones chosen to be on the show are not all that impressive with regard to beauty. It was a relief to finally see a geek who cleaned up really well and who was not only intelligent, but also very attractive. There should be more geeks in that category. I have known many very attractive geeks who just didn't know how to present themselves and how to dress well. It is much more impressive to see someone who looks very geeky to start out and then after a makeover looks really hot... It's not all about looks though. It is also about confidence and learning how to interact with others. Even better than seeing changes in looks is seeing personality changes.

    When the show's producers allowed competitors to send their competition home, that was a major disappointment--it took away the element of competition. It was unfair to the contestants and ruined the show for me. I like the competition and don't appreciate it when undue power is given to the competitors. I'm losing interest in the show, and hope the producers will do something to revive it before it is too late.
  • I usually don't like that kind of shows... but this just too cute!

    I watched it since the first season and just couldn't stop! The show is funny and the challanges are hilarious, but eventually you really can see how the show effects those people (especialy the geeks) and it's great! I find myself at the end of a season just wanting more. A new season now please :) Though I didn't like the twist with the "new" couple, I think it's ruined the show... maybe that's why this season there was no geek/beauty hook-up. The transformation episodes are the best, you really can see that not only these so called "geeks" are smart and great people they also look great!

    So I'm all for this show.... GO WATCH IT!
  • A great show with great meaning behind it. Definatly inspirational.

    This show is so great. It is extremely entertaining. The contestants are amuzing and such a joy to watch. However, the main reason I like this show is because of the meaning behind it. They take people who are in serious need of a very eye opening experience. They get to grow so much. They learn to never judge a book by its cover. And that everyone can be amazing. The beauties learn how to respect and apreiciate the "nerdyer" people. They learn that the nerds are also cool and some of the nicest people. The nerds learn how to get more out of life. They grow so much socially. It helps them get more confidance and courage to talk to people and just get out there and have a good time. The nerds learn to relax and the beauties learn how to work. Its a great show. Entertaining and eye-opening.
  • It's one of those shows that sound stupid until you actually watch it...

    Beauty and the Geek is probably one of those shows that mean very little to most people because they're not...

    1. A geek or...
    2. Beautiful (as defined by society's superficial rating system)

    Being in the former category (but unfortunately not nearly as smart), this show really connected to me in a way not many shows were able to. Unless you're in either one of those categories, you might have just glanced over the show and felt what the contestants were feeling to some degree but were unable to connect deeply and emotionally to their pain and suffering. This is probably one of the reasons why people swear by this show and some people find it utterly stupid. Some people just didn't connect with it.

    Give the show a chance. It's more than what meets the eye.
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  • Beauty and the Geek was a great idea and has been well done until this year. Somewhere someone had a thought, "this show is going so good how can we screw it up?". It worked, they completely destroyed the show.

    I have watched my last episode of Beauty, it was fun while it lasted but it is over.

    My daughter and I started watching this show together when it started and have looked forward to it showing every year. This year, they made some tragic (ill conceived) changes that has destoyed the show so I have removed it from my tivo record list because it is no longer worth the time. Last week's episode was the last I will watch, I am not the demographic they are looking for anyway. And generally the networks don't care if we like a show or not as long as they can make money from it. I don't normally watch reality programming, it is generally for the Jerry Springer audience.
  • Hey... I just want to make one thing clear about this show. The one male beauty that is on the show is in fact an actor.

    Hey... I just want to make one thing clear about this show. The one male beauty that is on the show is in fact an actor. He played in Accepted ( the movie where a kid makes a college) and he played in little giants in 1994. Im wondering if its another twist or maybe there trying to hide the fact. But hes an actor. Sam Horrigan is an actor he played a freind of the guy in the high class college in the movie accepted.. It was a very good movie when i saw him on beauty and the geek i was like why i know him from somewhere so i looked around and i found him in two movies
  • A new connection between two different worlds.

    This show rocks! Not only is it hilarious but people really change on this show. It also proves the saying "Do not judge a book by its cover".. and actually brings peoples and their soul mates together..they've brought together three people already! It shows people for what they are and not just what first impressions say for them.

    Very funny and is recommendable to all. Sometimes very annoying because some of the people on the show arent showing any decency or sense..well I guess that's why they were chosen for it! This is very good and not another one of those trashy reality shows around. Very original and a masterpiece of Ashton Kutcher.
  • we are interested in the anatomy suits. how can get ahold of one???

    i think that it is unfair that you threw in 1 good looking guy and 1 not as attractive girl. i'm sure it makes nicole feel inderior to the other "competition". there should be a balance of equal attractive boys/girls to not as attractive boys/girls. unfortunately parenthood calls and we must put our children to bed so we are unable to watch the elimination round of most shows. good luck to the remaining contestants. the main reason for accessing this site has strictly to find out how we might be able to purchase those awesome anatomy suits. please contact me with some form of information. thanks!
  • Ok, a show about a female "beauty" with less than average intelligence who is paired up with an man "geek" who as an above average intelligence.

    Ok, seriously beauty and the geek? Can the writers and producers out there not come up with anything more original? I have to say, the first season caught my eye and I watched an episode here and there but enough is enough, umpteen seasons later is too much for me to handle. I can't comprehend why stupid people of the opposite sex would want to strut out on national television just to show us how dumb they are, like we did not already know. But seriously have they no respect for themselves, oh and sure they think they are helping develop their acting career, has any one seen any of them on a national syndicated program lately, didn't think so. I would also have to say I would think these very intelligent guys would have better things to do with there time, like playing with a rubix cube or something. As much as I hate the show it does have its funny moments, like watching the girls try and answer questions or perform everyday task that I know my sisters 6 year old could answer or do. Anyway if you want a night of mindless TV check it out, if you want something stimulating check out "Are you smarter than a 5th grader". Happy TV watching to all.
  • A show about a Beauty's and a Geek's True Love together!

    This is one of those shows that is hard to Hate!
    This is a Really Great Show!
    It has captured a spot on my top favorite shows list!
    I mean seriously, it's that good!
    If you have yet to watch even one episode of this show, you really need to give it a chance it's really good!
    If you are planing on watching this show for the first time, I suggest watching one of the newer episodes, because in my opinion their waaaay better than the old episodes!
    A new episode comes on every Tuesday on CW21.
    If your interested in watching an episode!
    Whooops! Got to go it's on!
    - Bodjoe921
  • About different types of people, Beauties and Geeks who join the competition, not only to win money (as they say) but grow along the way.

    I really like this show. I think it was funny watching all of these stupid beauties make fun of themselves on TV. Um there doesn't seem like there is a lot to say about this show. You'll definantly like this TV show if you enjoy watching a good reality show. I think the challenges they make them do really puts them to the test. And also this season they are having a twist with a boy beauty and a girl geek. I think the twist is ok but not overly exciting or anything. All in all I think if you like reality TV show then you should watch it but if you don't care for them too much then I would suggest you switch the channel.
  • Complete and utter rubbish - I hate this show with an active passion.

    Im a huge fan of americas next top model and frequently look past its flaws to enjoy it but this is complete and utter crap. Who thought of this? Why did they think it would be a good idea? Why does no one on the show have any self respect?

    "Hey would you like to go on the show as a really ugly and nerdy guy that has no hope in life or ever procreating?"
    "Yes - thank you god"

    "Hey would you like to go on a show where you admit that youre appearance is your only outstanding quality?"
    "Omg I've been waiting all my life for this opportunity"

    The guys should know better and are subjecting themselves to a form of bullying on the show. The girls are either trying to launch a modelling career on the rebound from their top model rejection letter or they are complete sados for public humiliation.

    It seems as the shows go on the girls begin to completely humiliate themselves as they become institutionalised into relationships that wont last outside the confides of the show. Tonight I will go to bed praying that this show never existed when I wake up.
  • aww there so sweet!

    i love to see the way the geeks and the beauties interact in the begining and then see them at the end, this show is sooo worth its while, peoples lifes changing for the better. they sure do learn alot from each other, its cute to see them interacting with people they never dreamed of saying one word to. there are plenty of laughs from both the beauties and the geeks, they are both so clueless to one another it is priceless :D a decent show worth watching that i would recommend to anyone, keep up the good work, loving it!
  • about bringing together two different social classes, the beauties and the geeks.

    i think this is a very smart and clever show. bringing two distinguesed and uncompatiable groups for a social experiement is perfect. bringing everyone together to show that there is more to beauties and geeks and never to judge before you really get to know the person. i think its very mature and definitly something id enjoy to see more of. also to show beauties that they are not just looks and there could be moe and to show geeks that they could look good and still be smart. a show that is something that a reality show should be about not just some pointless and meanigless.
  • Hmmmm I've actually watched this show and it's not that bad you know... "> I'd actually love to see the tables turn and see geeky girls and super hot guys that would be a nice change ">

    This isn't actually so bad I mean it's a good mix of people and it shows that not all geeky guys are gross... and not all pretty girls are stereotypical. Alomost everyone isn't just what they seem, everyone is unique and special, if you give them a chance to turn out to be great maybe they'll be even better "> that is if you really take the time to listen to them. Personally I liked season 2 I mean season 1 was way too like... controversial... haha unlike the second one where everything was evenly done "> Hopefully all the other seasons will be similar to this 1 ">
  • Beauty and the Geek is a mildly humorous show which only a few of my friend know I watch.

    I started watching Beauty and the Geek almost by the end of the 1st season. Lucky for me there was a season marathon and I watched the WHOLE thing. Now I'm hooked on this incredible show that only has a few flaws. The first season was a major success, but they were not prepared for this. So their reaction of "Oh crap, this is a huge hit. We need to make a new season" caused for a mediocre 2nd season. The beauties weren't really as beautiful as the other seasons, and a couple of the geeks were only slightly geeks. Then in the 3rd season, they completely ruined the purpose of this show by making the Final 2 a popularity contest. This show is about learning about yourself, and if it weren't for Nate, CiCi wouldn't have learned anything about actions and consequences.
  • My friends finally get some ATTENTION!!!

    I love the show because I myself am I a nerd, and these are a variety of type of nerds which might not matter to other people but their interesting to me. I can't stand Chris from Season 2, Josh having panic attacks like the dude in Season 2, loving Ankur's principle of not changing for what is cool, and nerds who seem to be on the ropes who are VERY smart, but are very relaxed and cool. The show is funny and shows the embarrassing side to just being beautiful and the embarrassing side to just being smart. I love the show, its very entertaining. WHOOOO!!!!!! GO DUNGEON MASTERS!!!! HAHA!!!!
  • A great idea for a show People that are generally classified as being either a beauty or a geek come together to live in a house where they compete to win the 250,000 dollar grand prize and they try to become more than just the beauty and t

    Beauty and the Geek is such a unique and great reality show because the people on it focus more on changing who they are than winning the game. It is great to see people learn new skills and gain friendships with people who are completely different from them. The main way the show helps people is that allows the beauties and the geeks to get more confidence. The beauties generally learn that they can be smart if they put some effort into it. Through out the show the geeks learn that they can handle several different social situations. The one element the show is lacking is that the competition part of the show seems to be based mainly on luck. In a way this is a good thing because it allows them to focus on changing and becoming more than just the beauty and the geek. The problem with the competition part of the show is that whether they leave or not is based on answering questions, which is based mostly on luck. Although the final elimination challenges are generally boring there are other competitions that are fun to watch. It is very interesting to see the beauties do tasks that the geeks would be good at and to see the geeks to things the beauties would be good at. Beauty and the Geek is a great show that has a lot of people with interesting personalities. When you watch it you naturally develop favorites and people to route against. Because you really care about the people and who they become it is a really interesting show.
  • I love the show and have watched it from the start. I would love to see some beautiful men and geeky women. I'm sure it would be just as interesting. I am looking forward to the next season. Sincerely, Bobbie

    I love the show and have watched it from the start. I love to see how people change. I wish this was around when I was in my 20's. Being in my 40's I have gained self confidence through experiences. From watching your show I've come away thinking that I am missing a lot by judging people on how they look. I have started conversations with people I thought were above me. I was a geeky girl in my eyes and I would love to see some beautiful men and geeky women. I'm sure it would be just as interesting. I am looking forward to the next season.
    Sincerely, Bobbie
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