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  • 8 beauties and 8 geeks live in a house together. Every week they must complete challenges that test them. The contestants create new friendships and learn from each other. The winning team wins $250,000 and become more than just the beauty and the geek.

    This is a awsome show! I love it so much.
    At first I thought it was just another stupid reality series with dumb blonds. When really, its much more. The show is funny and slightly addicting. The beauties and geeks learn improtant skills from each other and create friendships that they never thought they would have. While the geeks learn confidence, the beauties learn that looks and money isn't everything. In the end, the winning team will win $250,000. But most of the time, the money is the last thing that matters. Because they have become more that just the beauty and the geek.
  • A collection of social polar opposites are thrust together for 6 weeks of interpersonal confrontation and competition.

    I am no great fan of "reality TV shows", but this show quickly became my favorite after I tuned in when there was nothing else of interest on. The best thing about this show is that it actually accomplishes great things for both ends of the social spectrum; it compels empathy and understanding it the stead of certain social disaffection and alienation. This season is barely closed, but I’m already anxious for more.
  • very cool show

    it`s very funny watch the geek`s and the beauty`s i think this is the best realty show on tv it is very fun and ashton and jason is genius first punk`d now this and i want to see more beauty and geek ;D

    that`s all i get to say
  • I love it!

    When the show first came out, I didn't think it was going to be that good. Pretty but dumb blondes living and working with Smart but geeky dudes? Kutcher is genius. Some of the guys even ended up being not-bad looking and alot of the girls were actully smart. I can't wait to see who wins this season.
  • This show is very funny but isnt the best i have seen. I would like to see more originality to the making of the outline.

    Buety and the Geek is a very good show but is not the best out there. I think the thought of making geeks into hunks is very out there and original. I would like to see more of original activities to turn the geeks handsome. I thought the ending was very good. The way they did the quiz on both of them was great. I liked this show and am happy they are bringing a nother season in. It would not be a favorite but I am happy on how the show all together turned out. This show did remind me of average joes but I still liked it. The Beauty and the Geek is not a perfect show but a very good one.
  • When it comes to life and love, it really does matter what you are made of on the inside. Love is blind!!

    Let this show be a lesson to everyone who looks only skin deep when looking for self gratification or trophy relationships. No matter who you are or what you look like, everyone is here to live their life to their fullest potential, so when it comes down to what matters, people who are lovely do not necessarily mean people who are in love. There is only one true kind of love and it is blind with no boundaries. This show teaches people that it's not only okay to be intelligent, but it is also okay to be beautiful when in each case there is kind, caring, and truly good hearted people involved.
  • Very funny show but could be better!

    What do you get when you put 7 stunning girls and 7 of the geekiest guys around in a house together? I don't know but this show sure as hell does!

    This show centres around trying to make the stupid beauties smart and the smart nerds cool! Sounds hard doesn't it? Well it is and it also bring together couples who are completely different! It really is a relationship of beauty and brawns!!!

    Definately a fun thing to watch when you're bored but it is not a show that you can sit around talking to your friends about.. just not interesting enough!
  • I love showing that geeks get along together and beauties are only skin deep.

    One of the main reasons I love this show is that no matter what happens wins/loses, the guys always seem happy and pat each other on the back. I have watched both seasons and have loved that about it. The girls are always bubble headed (maybe a couple aren't), talk behind their backs, cold, and are selfish. The only thing I hope is that Cecille doesn't win, eventhough Nate is a good guy. As Scooter said, if she wins it just shows that she was right, that you don't need to be nice to win. Too bad Nate will have to lose too.
  • A farmy experience.

    Cecille is a bad example of what a woman should be. She comes across as shallow, greedy and clueless. The boys gave her some good advice in their "serious" talk.

    Megan wrangles a sheep in a bikini. Go girl!

    A sad end to a budding relationship between Nate and Jenny Lee. Oh what does the future hold?
  • i love this show

    i love this show i think it is a good idea to bring beuts and geeks to gther i h a ve nerve m i s s e d a n s ho w even if i t s is o ne o f my f a v ir t s hows t h ey c an still do alot to make it better they can get geek girls and the beauty b ut t ha t will never happen b ut i will still s ee the show any one who has not seen it should it is one of the best
  • this show is really good.

    beauty and the geek is a very good learning experience. they get like 7 or 8 geeks that auditioned and get 7 or 8 girls. they then pair up. they have to pick their own partners which is very nerve wrecking to the geeks cause some of them have never kissed a girl. after that they have competitions to see who can do the best. the beauty and the geek have to work together and teach eachothr things about their lifestyles so they can win and stay in the game. it is a very good learning experiece for both the beauty and the geek.
  • I love this show!

    Normally on shows like these I absolutely despise them but I really happen to like this one a lot! This show has a lot in it and it has good morals which I really really like in a show! This show tells all about how some "geeks" are on a game show and they have to get with a beautiful girl, Although I know that this can be a little mean at times it does a good job at keeping things nice and it always does a good job at making me laugh and have a good time when im watching the show! I don't only like the show for this though, I like the show because it is just outright funny! This show has some of the most hilarious things that the contestants have to do which makes this one of the best shows out there! this happens to be a great show so I rate this show an A!
  • This show is about a group of beauties and geeks trying to compete for $100,000.They have had 2 season and are on there 3rd one.

    I love this show because its different. What other show is about smart geeks getting together with dumb beauties to try to win money . The show is quite intresting because its weird but even the dumb beautues have some sort of intellgance the geeks don't have . My Fav. person was Richard , he was hilarious. My fav. group was Richard and Mindy. I wish they would have one. I hated Chuck and Caitilin. I thought Chuck was an a**h*** and Caitilin was too competitive . She needed to loosen up and know when to take things seriously and when to have fun .
  • I have been watching the show since it began. I am a beauty who fell in love with a geek. I now live with the same man and two brothers who are also lonley geeks. I wanted to get one or both on the show.

    The show is creative. Its cool to see the change in the people on the show. Aston Kutcher had an awesome idea when he built the mold for this one. I may not be a modle but I live in the midwest like he did,and wish I would have gottan somewhere with my acting career. Create a show that not only honors the beauty but the geek. Its funny wathcing the girls struggle. Things that are common sence seem to forin to them. the geeks are not the most atractive,yetsome surprise you and turn into beautyful swans.
  • Uninteresting

    I only just discovered this show when it during episode 5 of season 1(only season to air in Australia). There was nothing else to watch on tv, so i thought i would give it a try, i found it very hard to get interested in it. Reality show have been big in the last few years, and produces of these show must be running out of ideas, so they had to fall back on there school days when smart kids who are not popular are considered geeks. Why are people considered geeks if they are smart and do not live up to standards of what beauty is considered to be.
  • the beauties & geeks were sent away to the beach the beauties had to use a metal detector to find a wakie talkie then put it together and call there geek and get a code to the boat thing! the geeks had to ptu together and tech a fitness thing@

    this is liek my all time fav show! i love it o even like it better then criminal minds!! sry logan!! wel idk eather this or criminal minds!! it is very surprising how they kno like notthing! scotter and neil are the best i think! but i hate how they go the make over becuase now i get them all mixed up! and a couple of them looked so much better before! expecially how they wore like plaid pants with a striped shirt and a checkered tie!yeah i think that this is my fav show!! my 3 fav teams are left in so now i dont kno who i want to win!!
  • The beauty and the geek shuts up all sterotypes in and around the world, by saying that we're all the same. Ashton Cusher did it when he came out with this one....this show will definately have you look at whats inside instead of out.

    The beauty and the geek is a very good show, with some comedy, some drama, and surprisingly some hook ups, lol. By watching this show you really see the lives of these people and what they go through. The "geeks" want so badly to be accepted in the world, while the "beauties" want to learn a thing or two and not be classified as just another pretty girl. In this show everyone has something to prove to themselves. I reconmend any and everyone to watch this show because you'll see the out come of these very different people and how the experience changed their lives.
  • When I first heard what this show was about, I thought, "Great, more stupid reality, but its actually better then what it sounds like."

    Beauty and the Geek is about many groups of two people that has one beautiful woman, and a geeky man. They complete in task that put their strengthes, weeknesses, and other things to the test. It showing everyone that there's more to a person tehn looks, brians, and labels. It show you that you could be more then just a beauty, and more then just a geek. Its one of the few reality shows that I like, and can stand!
  • A great way to start the season!

    This was an interesting way to start a season. The excellent little twist at the beginning, where the teams have a chance to leave with $25,000 was totally unexpected. The right team was definitely kicked off, they had no chemistry/ friendship with each other, and very little chances of one. The challenge was hilarious, all of the pale and relatively creepy geeks asking people for phone numbers and for someone to rub sunscreen on their back. The challenges were truly inspired as they made the Geeks show a confident outgoing side that they need to become less geeky, and the Beauties had to hold an intelligent conversation, great overall!
  • Im not a fan of reality shows anymore, but this one is actually better than I expected.

    I watched the first season, but missed the 2nd one, and just caught the premier of season 3 last night. While the show is painful to watch, and being a female geek myself, embarrassing for my half of the species, it's has a *lot* more taste than shows where 8 or so hussies compete to date or marry some guy.

    The geeks they have on the show are not unattractive really, they just lack self esteem and most have bad social skills when it comes to women. But I think the problem there is that they think they need to impress women like the ones on this show, who are too self-involved most of the time to realize the inner beauty of most people out there....

    ... which is why i like this show. It gives these women an opportunity to get to know someone they may not give the time of day to normally. They actually grow a little!

    I can see why this show is successful, it has more heart than most reality shows, and the women do not compete to be the sluttiest, but the one who can learn and grow the most.
  • i thought id try it, and... this has A LOT of potential!

    i watched this show for the first time yesterday... previously, i didnt even really know what it was. i had thought this was some sitcom about a beautiful girl dating a geek. little did i know it was actually a reality tv (yay!) experiment pairing up a beauty and a geek to (no pun intended) truly beautiful results. i am now determined to watch this show every week, because i simply cannot wait to see what happens. i have a feeling that by the end of the season this will prove to be a very touching experience, not only for the contestants but also for me to watch. i am waiting for these teams to bud into friendships, and perhaps even romances later on ;)while i was somewhat put off by the beauties' lack of brains and the geeks', well, shall i say odd tendencies... the object of the show seems partly to be for each team member to help transform the other. i think, however, that they will end up finding that that isnt as necessary as they expected... because of course, who ever said that beauties and geeks would turn out to be so very different after all?
  • This a show where they throw two completely different breeds of people together and make them not only get along but work with each other to achieve a common goal. Only those who can get past there differences will succeed.

    I love this show. I watch it religiously. I think it is one of the greatest ideas when it comes to reality shows. I hate the new age of reality where it is nothing but back stabbing and heart breaking. No one wins in that situation. In this show, even if you lose you still come out ahead. "A better person" I have watched at least two seasons of this and was amazed at the trasfromation that all of the people went through. The geeks came out with confidence and a make over. and the beauties came out finding out that there is more to the world than hair and make up. I love it and would recommend it to everyone even if you don't like reality shows.
  • Thank you Ashton Kutcher!!!

    its insiration, funny, because the people on it and the people watching learn that just becsuse ur beautyful and stupid u can learn and just because u dress bad and act like a geek u can change, so again thank u very very much Ashton Kutcher for this wounderful show.
  • I dont usually watch 'reality tv', but OMG, this show is funny!

    Especially hilarious was the episode of the girls trying to navigate with maps and the geeks shopping in girley boutique stores. OMG, I didnt know girls still came that dumb! This show is really on to something- the dummber the girls and the geekier the boys, the funnier this show can be. I think this show is also a HUGE learning experience for those that are on it and probably even some people that are watching it. Who knew geeks encountered so much pain, but could then be transformed into less of a geek? And who knew young 'beauties' could expand their awareness?
  • Tristin is without a doubt the hottest girl on beauty and the geek

    Tristin Clow is without a doubt the prettiest and hottest girl on beauty and the geek. She was spectacular. I think it was highly unfair that she got eliminated so fast out of the competition. She definately deserves to be put back on the show and back on television. I highly enjoyed watching her performance on this show. And I would give anything to go out on a date with Tristin. I think she would make some guy truely happy. She has a lot to offer someone besides her beauty. Such a sweet and wonderful woman like Tristin deserves to be happy.
  • Entertaining

    I watched the show and was supprized at the fact that it was a good show.
    I do not watch reality shows due to the fact that most of the shows are not real, they are just shows.
    I was a little put out that the men who left right away left with out learning what they had come there to learn.
    I do empathize with there plight having been in there shoes for many years, even tho I am not a collage geek.
    But there is many kinds of geeks through out the world, who could benifit from this shows experance.
    I do hope that you will be able to help as many of us geeks as possable.
    Thank You. Thrym
  • A funny show where good looking girls are paired up with geeks, hence 'Beauty and the Geek'.

    In this show seven geeks are paired up with seven attractive girls. The point of this show is to break down the barrier between these two social groups, and encourage both social groups to converse and live with people they never would have approached in the outside world.

    This show is very funny and at times it is puzzling how clueless the geeks are about dating. For example, in 'The Aftermath' episode of Season 1 Chuck refuses to make out with one of the girls because he doesn't want to break his glasses, even though she is throwing herself on top of him.

    Beauty and the Geek is a very addicting show, if you watch one episode you'll keep watching, so be careful that you don't get stuck watching a marathon all night.
  • 12/17/2006 12:07 AM This show was very interesting to me; it touchmy heart in several different ways

    12/17/2006 12:07 AM I like the fact that you have people that are so real
    Geeks as you call them; show that the out ‘cast, they can do things,only with encouragemen from some one else, this really touched my heart, I’m neither a (geek) high maintenance (the beauty) But I can relate on both sides, I have the beauty to out shine some females and the brains to do most common things others struggle with. It’s a nice show can’t wait until the next.
  • i really like this show but....

    well i really like the show it is very funny i have to admit though that i only watched the first season. Because i felt that the Second season was to much like the first in the wrong ways. But is still like the show i was wanting to make a suggestion i think it would be cool if you could switch it around for a season like the girls are the geeks and the guys are the beauty. well i hope that makes sence thanks lindsay
  • This show is a barrier breaker!

    Although I don't watch this show as often as I would like, I think this show is a real eye opener for some people. Streotypical nerds paired with streotypical hotties and they are foced to live with each other. During this time the geeks learn to become more socially mature while the girls become less shallow. And this show has a little trivia thrown in. If the right people watch this show they can learn something and possibly change. The nerds who watch this can learn to gain a little more cnofidence in themselves, because when that happens everything else falls into place. And if the pretty but shallow girls watch this they will learn to be beatiful both on the outside and the inside.
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