Beauty and the Geek

The CW (ended 2008)


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  • Complete and utter rubbish - I hate this show with an active passion.

    Im a huge fan of americas next top model and frequently look past its flaws to enjoy it but this is complete and utter crap. Who thought of this? Why did they think it would be a good idea? Why does no one on the show have any self respect?

    "Hey would you like to go on the show as a really ugly and nerdy guy that has no hope in life or ever procreating?"
    "Yes - thank you god"

    "Hey would you like to go on a show where you admit that youre appearance is your only outstanding quality?"
    "Omg I've been waiting all my life for this opportunity"

    The guys should know better and are subjecting themselves to a form of bullying on the show. The girls are either trying to launch a modelling career on the rebound from their top model rejection letter or they are complete sados for public humiliation.

    It seems as the shows go on the girls begin to completely humiliate themselves as they become institutionalised into relationships that wont last outside the confides of the show. Tonight I will go to bed praying that this show never existed when I wake up.
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