Beauty and the Geek - Season 2

The CW (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • Episode 208
    Episode 208
    Episode 9
    The two remaining couples are given some time to spend with each other and learn some of their hobbies. Josh takes Cher fly fishing while Joe shows Brittany his chess skills and tries to teach her the game, and later, Cher teaches Josh how to cook a meal as Brittany takes Joe ice-skating. After, the teams spend their last hours with each other, studying the ins and outs of each of their lives for the final quiz. In the quiz room, the pairs are surprised to learn that instead of the way the final quiz was orchestrated in season one, this one would be different: one person from each pair must answer a series of questions about his or her own interests and the other must try to match the answers.moreless
  • Episode 207
    Episode 207
    Episode 8
    The contestants make heartfelt videos for their partner, explaining what the partner means to them and what they learned from the experience of Beauty and the Geek. After the teams cherish their videos, they get to work on the next task, a joint scavenger hunt. The challenge involves each couple in their own car with a driver; the women (without any help from the men) must navigate through Los Angeles to three different stores, where the men must then go into the store and choose the item that they think their partner has picked.moreless
  • Episode 206
    Episode 206
    Episode 7
    The beauties are forced to ask their geeks out on a romantic date, and later, the men set out on a photography challenge, making their partners feel comfortable as the subjects of their work. The relationship between Cher and Wes becomes more intimate, and at the end of the episode, one couple is sent packing.moreless
  • Episode 205
    Episode 205
    Episode 6
    The group travels to Las Vegas and plays strip poker, an infatuation develops between two contestants, and a couple is eliminated.
  • Episode 204
    Episode 204
    Episode 5
    When the women give the men makeovers in order to improve their chances of winning the week's only task, the geeks come out looking much more presentable than they did, and their confidence soars. After the girls have stylists give the men haircuts, eyebrow and chest waxings, and find a new wardrobe, the guys are sent to a bar for a round of speed dating, where three women spend a short period of time with all six men and then judge them on their conversation, appearance, and all-around social skills.moreless
  • Episode 203
    Episode 203
    Episode 4
    The women educate the men about interior design and decorating for the next task, while the men teach the women the technological aspects of computers. The women judge the geeks' newly-decorated rooms for the first task, and the beauties deem Joe's room the most stylish. After that, the beauties compete in a race to assemble a computer, a contest that Cheryl wins. Later, Cher & Josh and Joe & Brittany nominate Tristin & Chris and Tyson & Thais for elimination, and in the dreaded elimination room proceedings, Tristin & Chris answer the most questions correctly, forcing Thais & Tyson to leave the mansion.moreless
  • Episode 202
    Episode 202
    Episode 3
    The beauties and geeks continue with getting to know each other, but two couples are forced to meet more quickly than the rest when Chris and Amanda make their decision about which pair to switch themselves with - they ultimately decide to split up, with Chris pairing with Tristin and Amanda pairing with Brandon. Later, the men face a karaoke challenge, and the women are forced to muster up the courage to give a speech about a political topic that they know very little about.moreless
  • Episode 201
    Episode 201
    Episode 2
    Beauty and the Geek 2 begins with geekier Geeks, more beautiful Beauties, and lots of lessons learned, even in the first two days! After the eight new women choose a partner, the contestants move into the mansion, and quickly begin to bond. Josh finds himself filled with so much anxiety and insecurity that he cannot bear to sleep in his room with Cher but instead spends the night in the closet while Tristin reveals her own insecurities about wearing a swimsuit. At the first challenge, a quiz show, Chris and Amanda win the advantage of being able to switch around two couples, including themselves. That night, the two ponder what their next move should be, but only after Chris holds an offensive meeting with the players, interrogating each one to better understand his decision, and at the end of the episode, Amanda and Chris reveal that they will be switching around the teams.moreless
  • Casting Special
    Casting Special
    Episode 1
    The audition process for the second season of Beauty and the Geek is chronicled. The search is on for the smartest dorks and the biggest bimbos in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Kansas City, and Boston!