Beauty and the Geek

Season 4 Episode 9

Viva Mexico!

Aired Unknown Nov 06, 2007 on The CW

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  • Watching the beauties and the geeks at Mexico is great, but the twist is not so great.

    Going to Mexico gave this episode a neat theme. I enjoyed seeing how everyone reacted to it. It's so funny how the beauties were right in there element and the geeks were so out of place. I loved watching the geeks at the beach, getting drunk, and learning to dance. I am starting to like Dave more and I thought it was really cool how he could do some gymnastics. Through out the episode I though Sam did some really funny commentaries on the geeks and his reaction to Mexico. Watching Jen and William fight can start to get a little old but it is interesting to see where they are coming from. I just can't believe how unreasonable William is being. The challenges were pretty good. I was glad the one was walking or Sam would have been at way too big of an advantage. I knew the geeks would be dancing and it could not have been more fitting. I loved seeing how well the geeks pulled it off. Some of them really came out of their shells. I was really happy to see Dave win, and I was glad to see their team working together. However, one thing I noticed about this episode was from the way people were talking we could tell who was going to win each task. It didn't see the twist coming though. Even though it was unexpected, I really didn't like it. It seemed unfair that they could get the strongest team out so easily. Why would the producers want to make a twist that gets one of the stronger, and probably more likeable teams out. I was really starting to like Jon and Natalie and I was hoping her flirting with Sam strategy would work. If she had pulled that off, it would have made great tv.