Beauty and the Geek

Season 4 Episode 11

Whine and Dine

Aired Unknown Nov 20, 2007 on The CW

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  • I enjoyed seeing how much they had transformed, and I felt like the final challenge did a good job testing their teamwork skills.

    The wine challenge was pretty cool. Origonally I thought it was kind of random and didn't really test anything they had learned but I liked how they made it so they were chained together and had to work with their partners. The challenge looked like another one Sam would win, so it was pretty cool that Dave and Jasmine were able to take a lead and end up winning it. I was really happy to see them move on to the final three since they are the best team left and they have been through the most transformation. It was also neat to see the video of how they changed since the show started. I was happy to see William and Jen work it out, although I do not completly buy it. It seems like right before every team has been eliminated they have been able to realize what they gained from the show, and I feel like they are just trying to show that the social experiment was sucessful.
  • With Sam or should I say Sam Horrigan being an actor it is painful every time to watch this show. But I watch it for the sake of the other geeks and beauties who are trying to improve their selves.

    I sit back back every week hoping that everyone else on the show are for real, otherwise I'd feel more stupid than i already do for watching a show that is fixed. I've watched Sam previously on Accepted, Brink, Getting even with Dad, Little Giants, and the TV series "Grace under Fire". Sam is not a beauty, he is an intelligent man obviously. He remembers whole scripts plus he acts. So that's why he has been so irritating and knows how to work everyone. It could be that everyone has scripts, I do not even know now. This season proved to me just how fixed these reality shows are. This will be my last reality show I will be watching. I guess maybe I have been looking at shows wanting to believe the best of people in TV land but it is time to wise up. My only reason to watch now is to see if he wins or too hope that he doesn't.
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