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dvd volumes

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    [21]Mar 4, 2008
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    i finally found volume 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    [22]May 28, 2008
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    forget youtube and forget the official mike judge collections. we'll never be able to buy what we truly want on dvd in uncut, unedited form with the videos inserted into the episodes. if you have a torrent downloader and a dvd burner/software, search "kingturd beavis butt-head" in your favorite torrent search engine and go to town!

    this is EVERY beavis and butt-head episode, including videos, UNCENSORED, in the best available quality submitted by online contributors. the episode picture quality is almost always excellent, but some of the videos are a bit pixely, but not too bad. after all, they're only a couple minutes apiece.

    i highly recommend this collection. there are also some interesting and extremely rare extra features and nice menus. the collcetion totals sixteen (16) 4.7GB dvds. there are also 2 bonus discs that are exclusively music videos, which are hilarious!

    there are some people on the web attempting to sell this collection, but the creator explicitly states that this collection is to remain public domain for all the butt-heads. enjoy!

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