Beavis and Butt-head

Season 4 Episode 8

Let's Clean It Up

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 1994 on MTV - Music Television



  • Trivia

    • How did Buzzcut know Butt-head was playing around with his braces before even entering the classroom?

  • Quotes

    • Butt-head: I feel the animal within.
      Beavis: Yeah, me too. It's like, a snake.

    • Butt-head: Today sucks.

    • Butt-head: Rap videos are cool because like they don't mess around with a bunch of crap that you don't wanna see.
      Beavis: Yeah, they show like bouncing boobs.

    • Butt-head: (about Gilligan's Island) That Skipper dude is a bunghole.

    • Coach Buzzcut: BUTT-HEAD, WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING! Why is it that every single day, you have to test your limits with me?! I might as well just start kicking your ass at the beginning of class!

    • Coach Buzzcut: Oh my... you boys smell like a turd.

    • (watching Sinatra and Bono video)
      Beavis: Hey, it's that guy from 'Dragnet'.
      Butt-head: Yeah: I carry a badge, my name's Friday.
      Beavis: Yeah, my name's Boner.

    • (Watching Sinatra and Bono video)
      Beavis: (About Sinatra) Whoa, who's that old guy?
      Butt-head: I think that's like, some dude from The Eagles, or something.

    • (Watching Sinatra and Bono video)
      Butt-head: Boner's dad needs to have a talk with him. He needs to say, 'Dammit Boner, learn to sing before I kick your ass.'

    • Butt-head: Whoa! She almost touched my butt.

    • Nurse: (giving massage) I find this to be very conducive to the spiritual needs of becoming one with your atmospheric circumambience.
      Beavis: Yeah, heh heh heh, me too.

    • Nurse: Wow, I can sense your powerful aura.
      Butt-head: Yeah, we stink.

  • Notes

    • The Highland school nurse makes her first appearance here, although she bares a striking resemblance to the clerk in "Blood Drive", the clerk in "Bad Dog" and the bus driver in many episodes.

    • another edit: originally this episode had Dreama stroking Beavis's changed to her rubbing his back. Poor Beavis... probably the closest he's ever got and they edit it!

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