Beavis and Butt-head

Season 6 Episode 13


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 17, 1996 on MTV - Music Television



  • Trivia

    • One of Butt-head's feet was covered with cheese and then in another screenshot both were covered in cheese.

  • Quotes

    • Mr. Van Driessen: In a few months Beavis, when the corn grows, you'll be able to make your own nachos.
      Beavis: Yeah, but we can go to Maxi-mart and get some right now.

    • Mr. Van Driessen: Now Beavis and Butt-head, if you could grow any type of food, what would you grow?
      Beavis: Nachos.

    • Beavis: Once, my grandma was reading me this book, where there was this dude, he was like magic cuz he can like, he can um take this one loaf of bread and like, use it to feed like a thousand people. He was cool. You know what else he could do? He could take water, and turn it into beer.

    • Beavis: Hey, look. That doll has an "outie".
      Butt-head: That's not an outie, Beavis. Look, there's two of 'em. They're boobs.
      Beavis: They look a bit low.
      Butt-head: your mom.
      Beavis: SHUT UP BUTT-HEAD!

    • Announcer: Next: if you've ever dared to dream; if you've ever looked to the sky and wondered; if you've ever stepped in something you wish you hadn't -- just stay tuned.

    • Butt-head: What do you know 'bout nachos, Daria?
      Beavis: Yeah, Diarrhea.
      Daria: Not much, but I do know you're suppose to plant the seeds.
      (B&B state blankly)
      Daria: In the ground.
      (B&B stare blankly)
      Daria: I know it sounds crazy, but I've seen it work.

    • Butt-head: This corn is starting to piss me off.

    • (Watching a magician)
      Butt-head: Maybe he'll pull a rabbit out of his butt.

    • Van Driessen: What happened to your corn?
      Butt-head: We made it into nachos already.
      Beavis: Yeah. They were really good.
      Van Driessen: Come on. What really happened?
      Butt-head: Oh, uh, we feed it and watered it and like tried talking to it and stuff, but it just had a bad attitude about growing.
      Beavis: Yeah, it's like one of those problem plants.
      Van Driessen: Well, I can't fail you for trying, but what's that awful smell?
      Butt-head: Oh, yeah. After it stopped growing, Beavis fertilized it.

    • (Talking about the wussy humans being kept in cages on "Planet of the Apes")
      Beavis: If they did that to me, I'd be kicking monkey ass all over the place.

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