Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

TV Tokyo (ended 2005)


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  • Season 1
    • America
      Episode 26
      Koyuki plans to revive Beck and sets out to get the band together. After talking to Chiba and Taira and getting them to join, Saku finally makes his way back to town to join up with the others and the band is finally back together. Great news comes in the form of an invitation to tour with a band in America! Though Ryuusuke is still not with them, they decide to take on the tour and set off to play in America.moreless
    • Slip Out
      Slip Out
      Episode 25
      As Beck's set finishes up, the reality that it's Beck's last performance finally sets in. Time goes on and the members move on with their lives. Koyuki declines an offer from a record label to record a solo album, Chiba becomes a ramen chef, Ryuusuke disappears completely from his enemies and friends, Taira joins a new band, and Saku is moving away in a few months. It seems like there's no chance for Beck to regroup.moreless
    • Third Stage
      Third Stage
      Episode 24
      After the band seems to break up before their time on the third stage, the band is slowly reforming just in time to play their hearts out for the growing crowd. Ryuusuke's returned after being given Prudence (Lucille) to play on and Chiba races back to the third stage after thwarting his kidnappers. Droves of people are appearing at the third stage after hearing of the great show being put on by Beck. How many people will show up when all is said and done? Will this really be Beck's last show?moreless
    • Festival
      Episode 23
      The Grateful Sound festival is on and everyone is on edge. There's a lot riding on how well they perform not just for Koyuki but the whole band. However there may not be a performance for Beck, after Ryuusuke, Taira and Chiba get into an argument and Chiba runs off. With it raining hard and members missing, what will come of this festival for Beck?moreless
    • The Night Before The Festival
      There's only 2 weeks till the biggest music event in Japan (Grateful Sound) and everyone is on edge. Ryuusuke really likes the song that Koyuki composed; now all it needs are some awesome lyrics. Koyuki is really feeling the pressure and in the end he asks for Saitou's help. But just when Koyuki managed to make his own lyrics he ended up giving Ryuusuke Saitou's one instead, which he happened to like and named the song "Slip Out". On the eve of the festival the gang head off to the Grateful Sound festival to get ready for the next eventful day.moreless
    • Write Music
      Write Music
      Episode 21
      Ryuusuke returns from discussing matters and the Grateful Sound festival with Leon Skyes and he meets up with Taira and Chiba to fill them in. At school Hiromi happens to be really enthusiastic about learning to play the guitar. Later on Ryuusuke meets up with all of them and brings up that Beck needs a new CD with new songs, following that the band tries to promote themselves before the live show. Maho unexpectedly visits Koyuki again but Page escapes and flies off. It isn't until when Koyuki begins to compose his latest masterpiece that Page returns to sing.moreless
    • Grateful Sound
      Grateful Sound
      Episode 20
      A lady from the Greatful Sounds festival committee Kazuo Satou comes to meet Ryuusuke, in order to negotiate him getting Dying Breed to perform. They managed to work things out, under the condition of Beck being allowed to perform as well, however Ran is proving to be a major obstacle. After watching the new DyBre tour movie Koyuki heads home feeling kind of dejected but happy nonetheless. He then gets a late night visit from Maho and she decides to spend the night.moreless
    • Blues
      Episode 19
      Ryuusuke has been found by Leon Sykes and he has taken him hostage, along with Beck and Prudence (Lucille). After receiving a request, Leon takes Ryuusuke to Cross Roads to meet his uncle John Lee Davis. The remaining members of Beck are really worried because they haven't seen or heard from Ryuusuke for days but thankfully Leon didn't go through with it and Ryuusuke was returned. With things somewhat going back to normal Koyuki receives a call from Maho who asks to go out and watch the new DyBre tour movie.moreless
    • Leon Sykes
      Leon Sykes
      Episode 18
      Koyuki and Saku are really excited because their band now has the chance to play at the Marquee, a very well-known lace for rock bands but when the time comes everyone is full of nerves. After that, Koyuki goes to Ryuusuke's to show him the songs his been working on. Koyuki has been hanging out a lot with Hiromi but Maho is never far from his mind. Beck is allowed to perform at the Marquee's evening show as Hitode's support, because the manager really liked Koyuki's singing. Ryusuke gets the American version of the band's record, prompting the sudden arrival of Leon Sykes.moreless
    • Three Days
      Three Days
      Episode 17
      Chiba and Taira arrive just when Ryuusuke is finished talking to Frank Alvin from Sound Factory Records about BECK making its debut in the US. Meanwhile Koyuki has finally raised enough cash to by purchase his beloved Telecaster and he quickly rushes home to try it out. The next at school Koyuki is exhausted from playing all night when he notices the same girl who works next to his workplace and they have a little fumbling encounter. So Koyuki invites her to BECK's next live performance. After the live event, Ryuusuke reveals to Taira the story behind Prudence (Lucille).moreless
    • Indies
      Episode 16
      Eddie is pretty shaken up after Gordie comes to see him about the stolen stuff including Prudence (Lucille), so he calls Ryuusuke to talk about it. The next day Koyuki continues to work hard for the Telecaster he's saving up for. That night Maho comes to the restaurant with a well-known friend from school, Yoshito and it looks like they are getting along too well. Maho invites Koyuki to her friend's party but Yoshito just cannot accept him.moreless
    • Back to School
      Back to School
      Episode 15
      It's back to school for Koyuki, who now has to study like mad if he wants to get into his first choice. During break he was able to make amends with former bully Hyoudou and soon after that came the graduation ceremony. Spring holiday came and went and it is time for Koyuki and Saku to begin their high school life in Ichieda Academy. Also Koyuki recently has been thinking about getting his own guitar so him and Ryuusuke go to guitar shop to check them out.moreless
    • Dream
      Episode 14
      The cover design for the BECK EP is now ready so all that needs to be done is record a great album. Meanwhile Maho is out returning a video when she runs into Izumi, who wants to have a little chat. Later on Koyuki heads out in search for Maho when he spots Maho and Izumi, making it very awkward between them, until Izumi bids her farewell. With things somewhat back to normal with Maho, Koyuki can now focus on recording the album and the situation will only tougher from there on.moreless
    • Ciel Bleu
      Ciel Bleu
      Episode 13
      Ryuusuke has just heard news of popular American diva, Erika Blige's reported suicide and he is deadly concerned. Meanwhile Koyuki is worried about other things after what happened with Maho on the summer festival. Out of the blue; Tanabe request to make a band, with Koyuki and Saku, for the upcoming cultural festival and they have no choice but to comply. The time for Koyuki's first and last performance in the school gymnasium has arrived.moreless
    • Secret Live
      Secret Live
      Episode 12
      The night of DyBre's secret live with Belle Ame to play as well, depending on what the band thinks of them. The members of Beck and Maho attend the live as Eddie's guests. DyBre performs "My world coming down" after that Eddie introduces Eiji. Matt was not pleased with their rehearsal and he comes on the stage with Eiji guitar on fire and tells him to "F off". Matt proceeds to call up Koyuki on stage and tells him to sing with them. Koyuki chooses to sing "Moon On The Water" but is stuck with a bad case of stage fright. Will he be able to overcome his fears and provide a performance worthy of DyBre?moreless
    • Summer Holidays
      Summer Holidays
      Episode 11
      The summer holidays begin and the band members are all working to support their band's expenses. News of DyBre coming to town reaches and all of the band members are excited. The following day Koyuki goes on a date with Maho and share a special moment afterwards. We also get to see Belle Ame, Eiji's new band, for the first time having lots of success, considering their number of fans. Beck play another live this time with increased fans but because they were really there to see Eddie from DyBre. While the crowd was all caught up on the DyBre members, Ryuusuke tells the band to skip to FACE, which gets the crowds attention. After the show Eddie asks Ryuusuke to bring the band to watch DyBre's secret show.moreless
    • FACE
      Episode 10
      Beck performs another live and this time Koyuki and Saku are in the band. This one however was not taken as well as their previous one and Taira has his doubts; Koyuki thinks it is his fault. Ryuusuke came up with a new song for the band, FACE, and Koyuki asks if he could sing it for them. After singing the song, the rest of the band is impressed and makes Saku and Koyuki official members of Beck. Before the reharsal for their next live, Koyuki is confronted by Rikiya, but Chiba and the rest of the band come to his aid.moreless
    • The Night Before LIVE
      Koyuki has quickly become friends with Saku but that still doesn't make school life any better for him. Later on they go to see Beck perform live and Beck may already be in some trouble because of the drummer. The next day is time for Koyuki to show everyone how much he has improved on swimming and even Maho is there to cheer him on. Koyuki's able to do well in the swimming tournament and heads off, with Saku to see Ryuusuke but it seems Beck has lost its drummer.moreless
    • Broadcast in the School
      Two of Beck's groupies are on their way to a hotel when they run into a dog that is similar to Beck. Over the New Year's holiday Koyuki continues to practice with his guitar but soon school resumes and it's graduation time for the 3rd years. The Spring semester begins and Koyuki is now a 3rd year student. Hyoudou is now in his class and plans to make things tougher for him. One day Koyuki decides to let loose and play some "Dying Breed". Following this he gets acquainted with the new transfer student Yuji Sakurai.moreless
    • Lucille
      Episode 7
      At school it is evident that Koyuki is still getting bullied by Hyoudou and his friends and Koyuki's teacher notices the marks of a drop kick he received but he lies his way around it. After school, he goes to eat with Maho and is informed of Beck's first live. He realizes he is late for his lessons with Saitou and immediately goes to Saitou's house with Maho. Koyuki reveals to Maho that he has plans of getting Ryuusuke's guitar fixed. To not be noticed, Koyuki attends the Beck live in a disguise. Just before the show starts Maho explains the appearance of Ryuusuke's guitar, Prudence (Lucille), to Koyuki. The day after the guitar Koyuki broke has been fixed, however on his way to showing Ryuusuke he is encountered by Hyoudou and Rikia.moreless
    • Prudence
      Episode 7
      Maho finds out that Koyuki's been working his tail off to pay for the damaged guitar - but he doesn't even play one note on the salvaged six-string before it gets demolished again!
    • Hyodo and the Jaguar
      There's bad vibes going around, but news of Beck's awesomeness is spreading as their first gig approaches. Maybe an insanely loud concert can help the gang shake off the blues.
    • Saito and Jaguar
      Saito and Jaguar
      Episode 6
      The newest member of Beck Taira and the others have their first session together to start the band off on a good note. Koyuki's teacher is on maternity leave and a new cute teacher is introduced. As coordinator of the choir contest, she wants Koyuki to be the leader for the class to get them ready for the contest. The rest of the class is rather unreceptive of the idea of a contest and leave in the middle of practice. The day before the contest, Koyuki admires a Jaguar guitar in the rehearsal room when Hyoudou, a guitarist who's also a bully, enters the room and causes a confrontation and the guitar is damaged. The real owner happens to be the big school bully and Koyuki trembles at the thought of what will happen to him once the news of who damaged the guitar reaches him.moreless
    • Beck
      Episode 5
      A festival comes up and Saitou invites Koyuki to play in a contest with his old band, who looks to cover a Rocket Boys song for the event. Koyuki practices hard, but is unsure if he'll be ready by the time the contest starts. The time has come for the soon-to-be complete band to be named and nothing sticks out until Chiba hears Beck's barking and suggests the name Beck for the band, which is final choice. The day of the festival arrives and Maho visits Koyuki and they head to the festival together and find the bassist of the band drinking heavily and drinks too much and passes out. With the singer also gone, Maho offers to fill in as a lead singer. The two share an intimate moment afterwards while singing that same Dying Breed they were singing earlier.moreless
    • Strum the Guitar
      Strum the Guitar
      Episode 4
      Ryuusuke's still on the lookout for recruits for his new band, and Chiba and Koyuki could be the new vocalists. Koyuki works hard on his skills with his new guitar. Koyuki trips on the walkway over a street and drops his guitar, which the neck is promptly destroyed by an oncoming truck. Koyuki confronts Ryuusuke with the bad news and is angrily kicked out of Ryuusuke's house. Koyuki runs into Saitou and shows him the broken guitar and tells him of the shattered friendship as a result. He offers to have it repaired by a friend along with giving him lessons in exchange for working for him. Koyuki has his first lesson with Saitou, learning of his fanatical devotion to English Rock and a particular band called Rocket Boys, to which is bird also has an affection towards them.moreless
    • Moon on the Water
      Ryuusuke starts immersing Koyuki in the rock music world. Ryuusuke puts Maho and Koyuki together for a dinner date, though the ability of Maho's friends to speak English makes Koyuki feel left out and he opts to leave early. Both head to Ryuusuke's house and end up sharing a moment while singing a Dying Breed song. Could this moment be the start of a relationship between the two? In the meanwhile, Ryuusuke tries to recruit a talented bassist, Taira, to join his new band. Koyuki looks into a new hobby, swimming. As the eccentric teacher Saitou agrees to teach him swimming lessons after beating him in a handicapped race, thanks to Izumi's "help". During a visit to Ryuusuke's place, Koyuki is given a guitar to practice with as a gift.moreless
    • Live House
      Live House
      Episode 2
      Koyuki and Izumi arrive at Ryuusuke's house, where they meet Beck and Ryuusuke. As Izumi and Ryuusuke talk over music, Koyuki can't help but feel left out due to his inexperience with most of the music that they talk about. Koyuki's invited to see Ryuusuke's band, Serial Mama, play live with Izumi and Kayo. Serial Mama is on edge with a talent agent in the crowd, and technical difficulties don't help them at all. Koyuki meets Ryuusuke's sister Maho, who doesn't make a very good first impression. Serial Mama effectively breaks up and the clashing guitarists Eiji and Ryuusuke claim that they will make the best band without the help of the other.moreless
    • The View at Fourteen
      For Koyuki, every day's just another day as a total nobody. There wasn't much action until a fateful meeting with Ryusuke, a local rock n' roller haunted by a shady reputation.
    • The Scenery of a 14 Year Old
      After a rough evening hanging out with his friend, Koyuki happens upon a strange dog being picked on by some kids and scares them off. Little does he know that its owner is Ryuusuke, a guy who happens to be a well-known guitarist in the music scene. The next day, he's invited to a group date by his childhood friend to go bowling and eat. While eating at a questionable restaurant Koyuki spots Ryuusuke, who's making a scene dumping his girlfriend.moreless